Friday, January 03, 2014

Links to Love | 01

Every Friday I will post a blog featuring all of my favorite things from the week.  These things will be in a variety of categories from funny pictures, viral videos, recipes, beauty or fashion finds, fuzzy friend, a read or a celeb that is doing something extraordinary.  Hope you enjoy my favorites from the week:

Recipe:  Buffalo Quinoa Bites (These look like a yummy treat for a vegetarian like myself)
Buffalo Quinoa Bites

Fuzzy Friend:  This cute baby cheetah

Read:  An article on close couples (great read for everyone in a serious relationship) via Women's Health

Video:  Mash up of all the best videos of 2013.  I <3 Kid President.
Fashion Statement:  Michael Kors medium Jet Set Scarf tote
 via Michael Kors
Vacation Spot:  County Antrim, Northern Ireland
 via Pinterest
Pastime:  I'd give a whole lot to be playing in the powder right now.  :)
via Pinterest
Hope you all enjoyed this weeks favorites.  See you next week with my first favorites for 2014!
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