Monday, April 28, 2014

April: Donate Life Month

graphic borrowed from Donate Life
I wish I could have posted this earlier in the month since we are coming down to the tail end of it, but things happen and here it is.

April is National Donate Life Month.  It is a time to raise awareness for the need for organ, eye and tissue donation.  It's a touchy subject and I understand a lot are uncomfortable with the idea giving donations after their lives have ended.  I would like to share with you why I am posting this today and how dear of a subject it is to my family.

I'm back...

Ok, I realize I told a big fib when I said back on February 15th that I'd be back to my regular posting schedule the next Monday - but it wasn't intentional.  And I am sorry.

I have been struggling with a few health-related issues over the last few months, one that dragged me down physically and the other emotionally.  Perhaps I will share these struggles in the future, but for now I'm just not comfortable posting the details to the general public.  I hope you understand.