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Links to Love | 08

Kitty Favorites
Snickers and Aly are our two cats.  They are both six years old, both long-haired and both have sensitive tummies.  Here are some of their favorite things.

Favorite Cat Chow:  We like to use natural pet foods whenever possible, but have found that when we feed just the Blue chow, they tend to get a little backed up. We started combining the Blue chow with the Purina chow and it seems to help them be more regular.

Purina Indoor Adult Cat Chow
Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Adult Cat Chow
Favorite Canned Wet Food:  Our kitties are very picky when it comes to wet food.  They only like chicken and turkey - no beef or seafood.  We let them split one can every now and again as a treat because it can sometimes upset their tummies.  We usually buy the cans in bulk at the pet store.  They come in a mix of the chicken and turkey varieties.  
Friskies Savory Shreds Chicken in Gravy
Friskies Savory Shreds Turkey & Cheese in Gravy
Favorite Treats:  These treats are the favorites in our house.  The cats like the chicken, turkey and cheese flavors and they will sit in front of the cabinet we keep the treats in until we give them a few bites.
Friskies Party Mix Cat Treats
Favorite Toys:  The cats will play with pretty much anything that moves, flashes or smells like catnip - we get fresh catnip from a relative's garden and it is so much better than the stuff from the stores.  They also enjoy things they can hide in and will find great joy in cardboard boxes.

Spiral Feather Teaser
Pop-open Play Tunnel
Laser Pet Toy

Favorite Litter:  We have tried EVERY litter on the market and this is the only kind that keeps their box free of odors and makes for easy cleanup when it's time to scoop/change the box.
Fresh Step Extreme Cat Litter

Favorite Beds:  Our cats each have a bed - Aly's is pink and Snickers' is blue, but they rarely sleep in them.  They prefer to sleep on a few of the fleece blankets we have for the pets or in bed with us.

Petco Lounger Cat Bed
Favorite Furniture:  We have a cat tree very similar to this one and the cats live in it.  We have it in front of a window in our bedroom and they climb up to the top and watch the birds and squirrels outside.
Kitty Penthouse Cat Tree
Favorite Grooming Products:  We do our own pet grooming at home to keep the fuzzies' stress levels low.  These are the products we rely on to make them look purty.

FURminator for Long Hair
Hartz Waterless Shampoo for Cats
GripSoft Cat Nail Clipper
Puppy Favorites
Coco is our 15 month old, brindle and white American Bulldog.  She weighs 100 lbs and is expected to gain more over the next year! 

Favorite Dog Chow:  We have tried several varieties of chow for Coco and most have upset her tummy.  We think she might have a sensitivity to grains, so we switched to this and she hasn't had problems since.
Favorite Canned Food:  We don't give her canned food very often because, again, it upsets her tummy.  She does enjoy wet food so we mix a little in with her dry food from time to time.
Alpo Prime Cuts in Gravy
Favorite Treats:  Coco loves her treats.  She will eat anything you put in front of her but the ones she picks most often are these.

Beneful Baked Delights Bacon and Cheese Stars and Cheese Quacks
Favorite Toys:  Coco has been into three things lately:  tugging toys, rawhides and toys that she can't tear apart in a week's time.  She loves stuffed animals and the pig below (Notorious P.I.G. as we call it) is the best toy for dogs that chew.
Rawhide Dog Chews
VIP Products Mighty Toy Farm Piglet
Grreat Choice Rope Bone dog toy
(Mommy & Daddy's) Favorite Doggy Bags:  I normally wouldn't care about the brand of potty bags we used except when we go walking in our neighborhood, we sometimes are several miles from the house and NO ONE wants to smell a stinky bag of poo for that long on the walk home.  The scented bags make the job much less offensive.
Bags on Board Scented Dog Pick-Up Bags
Favorite Grooming Products:  We groom our dog at home because the last time we took her to be groomed, only three nails were done and the rest were left long.  We use a gentle oatmeal shampoo to keep her skin and coat soft and shiny.
Petco Oatmeal Conditioning Dog Shampoo
Hope you enjoyed our favorite pet products.  What products do you and your pets love?

Until next time,

This post was not sponsored by any of the companies featured herein.  All views are our own and all products have been purchased by my family and enjoyed by our fuzzies.

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