Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How I Organize My Desktop

Anyone who owns a computer knows how easily your desktop can become cluttered with icons, files and links.  The secret to productivity when working on your computer is to keep it organized.  When everything is orderly, you know where to find what you are looking for and you aren't wasting time searching through file after file or singing the "Maybe I deleted it..." tune.

Most computer systems have the default to place your icons to one side of your screen in the order they were created and this works fine if you just have a few things on your desktop.  For those of us with lives and work and things to keep track of, this isn't the best organization system.  Last year, I discovered a pretty way to keep the work space tidy.

This desktop background was created by Serena at Pretty Fluffy who did a guest post on IHeart Organizing last May.  The post was about how she organized her desktop using this background, which she offered as a free download.  I immediately downloaded it and have been using it ever since.  I've seen similar styles of background, but this one still fits my needs the best.

I have several folders in each of the four categories and have divided all of the files that were originally cluttering my desktop into these folders.  Under the "Read" section, I have some documents for online classes I am taking, some photography reads, social media tips and a folder for things I want to read then will delete once I'm done with them.  Under the "File" section are files where I store things I am planning to keep long term until I have time to load them on an external hard drive.  Since I'm in the process of switching to an all digital office in 2014, this section is essential because I'm storing receipts and statements as well as household information like items we have used in our gardens or contractor info.

The "Work" section houses everything I keep for my blog, my writing and fitness trackers.  The "Misc." keeps my schedules, goals, grocery lists, health trackers, things I want to research and project templates.  I also keep the file for my first rough draft of the book I'm working on. :)

Overall, I think this has been the best resource to keep my computer organized, efficient and looking pretty.

Don't forget to click on the links above to check out Serena's post and download your own background and say hi to Jen at IHeart Organizing.  Then click through to have a look around Pretty Fluffy.  Both of these ladies are super talented, stylish and very organized.

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