Friday, June 13, 2014

Links to Love | 12

Happy Friday the 13th!  Happy Father's Day weekend!  In honor of these events, I've put together my 13 favorite Father's Day ideas.

2.  Favorite Printable:  Father's Day Printable Poster

3.  Favorite Gift From the Kids:  Grill Spatula

4.  Favorite Gift From Mommy:  Framed Photo of the Kids

5.  Favorite Daddy/Kid Date Idea:  Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

6.  Favorite DIY:  Backyard Fire Pit

7.  Favorite Collection:  Bottlecaps

8.  Favorite Card:  Super Dad!

9.  Favorite Sweet Treat:  Pineapple Pale Ale Bundt Cake with Brown Sugar Glaze

10.  Favorite Party Idea:  Golf Party

11.  Favorite Idea for Grandpa:  Best Dads Get Promoted

12.  Favorite Funny:  Guns Don't Kill People...

13.  Favorite Daddy:  MY DADDY!

I hope everyone that can gives their daddies a big squeeze this weekend!

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