Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Brain Training

It's Tuesday and you know what that means - another post about health and fitness.  Except this isn't going to be a normal post about health and fitness.  Today, we're going to talk about brain fitness. Yes, you heard me right!

Exercising your brain is just as important as the exercise you do for your body, only it's probably a little easier and a lot more fun.  Some studies show that exercising your brain or "brain training" can ward off diseases like Alzheimer's or dementia, which are no good, so why not have a little fun and keep your brain feeling young and fit?

I do my brain training twice a day just like my regular fitness regimen.  I use a variety of methods in my training, including video games!  (<---video game nerd, here)  This is what my training schedule looks like:

                                AM                             PM
Monday                   sudoku                        PLDS
Tuesday                   mahjong                     BADS
Wednesday              sudoku                       freecell
Thursday                 PLDS                         BADS
Friday                      sudoku                       crossword
Saturday                  logic                           BADS
Sunday                    memory                      BADS

That doesn't look too daunting, does it?  The sudoku, crossword and logic are all puzzle books that I pick up from the bookstore or grocery.  They come in all sizes and shapes and also books with a variety of puzzles in them, which I'll occasionally get.  I usually leave the store with a sudoku book, a crossword book and a logic puzzle book, the latter is more difficult to find.  Sometimes I have to order them straight from the publisher.

I also have apps on my phone for both sudoku and The New York Times crossword puzzles.

The mahjong and freecell games are those that come standard on a Windows based PC.  The PLDS and BADS are both Nintendo DS games.  (I warned you - I am a huge video game nerd!)  My husband bought me an original Nintendo DS back in the day before smart phones were popular.  The two games I use in my brain training are Brain Age and Professor Layton and the Curious Village.

On Sunday mornings, I do my memory game using an app on my phone.  I love this app because you can change your cards to show pictures of people, shapes or items and your board can go from small to large depending on how many cards you want to play with.

So there you have it - my brain training routine.  Typically, I will wake up in the morning, do my workout, then sit down with my breakfast and some hot tea and do my brain game.  On days that I don't work out, I still do my brain training, because it's a game and I can't make up an excuse to not play a game.  :)

Do you exercise your brain?  If so, what kind of training do you do?  If not, do you think you'll try to work in a little mental fitness to keep your brain feeling young?

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