Tuesday, June 03, 2014

#FitbyFourth Campaign

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Today, I'm going to talk about setting fitness goals, and I don't mean the ones you set at the beginning of the year and don't follow through on after a few weeks.  I mean setting goals that are actually achievable. Whether you have ten pounds to lose or fifty, if you want to tone up to fit in your jeans better or plan to run a marathon, you need to set both short term and long term goals.

My long term fitness goals consist of toning up in certain "problem areas" since I'm nearly at my weight goal. One of my short term goals is a campaign that I've joined called Fit by Fourth or #fitbyfourth.  It was started by Carlos Whittaker (@LosWhit) to get people healthier by July 4th.  There is no specific goal outlined in the program - you set your own and follow along with the workout challenges he provides every week.

I've been doing the workouts on top of my normal routine and I can feel a little bit of a difference.  In fact, my husband told me my body looked "smokin" this morning.  Can't wait to see what I look/feel like come the 4th of July!

It is so important to have short term goals when it comes to health.  Long term goals can seem so far away and unattainable sometimes and you've got to have something you can see to keep you motivated.

What are your short-term health goals?

I'll be back next week to share some of the exercises and fitness routines I am currently doing so make sure you are subscribed to follow along!

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