Friday, July 18, 2014

Links to Love | 16

The weeks seem to be flying by and we'll be into Autumn before you know it.  I'm already seeing lots of school supply ads on television and local craft stores already have Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations in!  I feel like yelling "SLOW DOOOOWN!"  I don't even want to think about the holiday season yet.  We are only halfway through July!  I digress.  Let's get on with this week's favorites, shall we?

Favorite Freeze:  Cherry Vanilla Yogurt Popsicles from Roxy's Kitchen

Favorite Theater Treat:  Movie Night Snacks from A Pumpkin & A Princess

Favorite Craft Room Necessity:  DIY Mason Jar Pin Cusion from I Should Be Mopping the Floor

Favorite Griller:  Grilled Hawaiian Kabobs (With a 3 Ingredient Marinade) from Happy Go Lucky

Favorite Globe Hop:  Lake Braies, Dolomiti, Italy by Elena Morelli

Favorite Bite:  Mini Lemon Cheesecakes from My Baking Addiction

Favorite Dream Home:  via Tumblr

Thanks for taking a stroll through this week's faves.  I'll see you tomorrow morning with a cleaning hack.

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