Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What Happens Next?

Happy Tuesday!  It's such a beautiful day outside - the air is cool and crisp and the sky is sunny.  I might take the dog out for a run before the humidity sets in.

If you follow along with my Tone Up Tuesday posts regularly, you'll know that I have lost a tremendous amount of weight over the last several years and was trying to find a happy medium between "being thin" and "being fit".  Well today, I'm going to open a conversation about what happens when you've met your goal weight.  When you are the ideal size you want to be, when you've crushed all the workout routines you've picked up, when your diet is now your regular routine - what happens next?

It's so easy to look at this point in your fitness life as the ending point.  "I'm where I want to be, so I now I can stop exercising or eating right."  If you've learned anything in your fitness journey, it's that maintaining a healthy weight is just as hard as losing weight.  You can never give up those workouts or your healthy eating plan.  Yes, you can cut back a little, but if you're like me, cutting back a little actually means sitting on the couch watching The Real Housewives and eating popcorn...  What? It's air-popped...  :)

If you want to maintain a healthy weight for life, you have to constantly set new fitness goals for yourself.  

Here are some fun and challenging ways I think anyone can maintain a healthy lifestyle with.

You can compete in so many ways!  If you're are a runner, sign up for a 5k or a half/whole marathon.  If you love lifting weights and building muscle definition, consider joining an amateur bodybuilding competition or a bikini competition like awesome blogger Megan!  There are tons of mud runs and booty boot camps to keep the fitness-oriented happy and healthy.

Join a team.
So, you might not be ready for the pros yet, but who says you can't play a little ball?  One way my husband stays fit is by joining a local softball team.  They usually play two seasons a year and he has a blast.  I know tons of groups in our area that meet up for volleyball, basketball and soccer.  Another option is to get a group of your friends together to walk, run or do yoga with.  Fitness is always more fun with others.

I'm not talking about a gym where you pay buku bucks and then never go.  I'm talking about joining the place where you are cheered for, where new goals are set and crushed every day.  We have good friends that are members of a local crossfit gym and I see so many pictures and videos of the wife rocking it in that place. Many women are intimidated by gyms, with muscular men pumping mega-weight and skinnier women thumping away on the treadmills.  Crossfit is not about intimidating you - they are there to help you meet your goals!

If there is something you love, love, LOVE to do and can't get enough of it, perhaps you should look into what is required to become certified to teach it.  If you are an avid swimmer, give swimming lessons.  If you love to line dance, teach some classes at your local rec center.  If you love Zumba, get on that stage and start leading like fellow blogger Wendy did!

It's not so hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you have fun and challenging things to do.  How do you maintain your ideal weight?  Have you tried any of the above ideas?

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