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What I Ate...Tuesday?

Good morning folks!  I was up really late last night enjoying my yummy rockfish tacos with fish reeled in by my own husband - and writing a post about it!  Please excuse me if I'm a little groggy this morning, but I wanted to put up a quick post that follows along with my regular fitness/health series.  FOOD.

If you are subscriber of many blogs or YouTube vlogs, you will have noticed that people are very curious about what others eat.  The tag #whatIateWednesday became popular in this blog/vlog era and we all want to see what other people are putting in their mouths every day.

I wanted to give you a little look-see at my typical meals throughout the day.  As I mentioned in my Our Decision to Eat Clean and Organic post, I am a vegetarian/pescatarian, which means I don't eat poultry, pork or beef products, but I do eat fish/seafood.  My husband loves a good cheeseburger or steak, so I have to plan meals that suit us both.  He does eat vegetarian with me sometimes, but typically, if he wants meat, I'll also prepare a vegetarian side dish that I can make my meal.  For the most part, we try to follow the plate chart when planning our meals.

For breakfast, I'm usually on my own, since hubby leaves early for work.  I get up, work out, shower, get dressed and then get my breakfast.  I start the kettle and boil water for my hot tea, a morning staple for me. Then I pop some whole grain bread or an English muffin in the toaster.  I'll either do some peanut butter or light butter and cinnamon depending on my mood.  I always grab some fruit to go along with it, whether it be an apple, an orange or a bowl of grapes and berries.


At lunchtime, I'm usually still pretty full from my breakfast, so I eat something light to tide me over until dinner. Sometimes, I'll have leftovers from the previous night's dinner or a veggie salad (I don't eat lettuce). When I'm really not hungry but need to get a little sustenance in me, I grab some hummus and veggies or a few crackers.

We eat a variety of things for dinner, depending on our moods.  Hubby has been using his grill a lot this spring/summer and making some delicious meals.  Because we are catering to both a carnivore and a vegetarian, I'm going to give you some typical meals for each, so you know what I do on nights he wants meat.

A typical carnivore/vegetarian meal:  Hubster will grill a steak for himself and I'll fix a ton of veggies like baked potatoes and some steamed broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.  I'll load my potato down with some beans, sour cream or plain yogurt or cheese so I get lots of protein without needing to eat meat.

A typical pescatarian meal:  Hubby is always bringing home different types of fish so this is what we eat most often. We cook fillets in foil packets with some steamed veggies, pan-sear fillets and serve with couscous or have an old fashioned fish fry and make fish and chips.  The most popular meal we do, though, is fish tacos, because they're so versatile.  We mix up the toppings we use and wrap them up in tortillas or make a salad.

A typical vegetarian meal:  This usually involves pasta because my hubs is Italian.  I make homemade stuffed shells or baked ziti and serve it with some green beans or steamed veggies and some garlic bread.  When we don't feel like cooking, I pick up a frozen vegetable lasagna from Stouffer's and pop that in the oven.  For packaged and frozen food, it is delicious!

via Stouffer's
Our goal is to eat as healthy as possible and choose foods that are sustainable, local, in-season and humanely treated.  We purchase most of our produce from farmer's markets in our neighborhood and get a lot of our meat from local farmers we know personally.  That way, we know where our food is coming from and the processes used to grown/raise it and get it to our table.

We try to eat a variety of things and cover the basic food groups when planning our meals.  With that being said, we enjoy ordering a pizza from our local pizzeria from time to time and I'm a chocoholic and I do indulge in a candy bar sometimes.  The key is that you eat healthy the majority of the time and not punish yourself for slipping up occasionally.

I hope you have enjoyed a little peek into my kitchen and some of our favorite meals.  If you want recipes of any of the meals I've mentioned, I'd be happy to share - just leave a comment below!

Disclaimer:  I am, by no means, a dietitian and can not advise you what you should be eating.  As always, please check with your healthcare provider or dietitian for recommendations on making changes in your current diet.

This post was not sponsored by any of the product companies featured above.  I'm just sharing some of my favorites.

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