Thursday, October 16, 2014

Coco the Blogger! (A Pedigree #Stackerz Review)

Hey everyone!  Have you met my dog, Coco?

Coco usually doesn't blog - she likes to curl up next to me on the couch when I am writing my posts. Today is a little different, though.  Coco will be sharing her thoughts (translated by mom) on a new treat she received in the mail!

One of Coco's favorite things to do when we are on our walks is picking up the mail from our mailbox.  She doesn't have any particular interested in what's INSIDE the mailbox - just WHO has been around it.  One day, a few weeks ago, we opened the mailbox and there was a package inside.

I let Coco smell the box before it was opened and she KNEW there was something delicious inside.  Her little tail was wagging away and all 130 pounds of her was prancing around the kitchen in her "happy dance".  Ok, so maybe mom was doing her happy dance too.  :)

We have tried several different products from Pedigree and Coco has always enjoyed them, so I was excited to join this Influenster campaign to get *free Stackerz treats to try and review.

When we first opened the package, I noticed that the Stackerz sticks had two layers - filet mignon and bacon.  In other words, a dog's dream.  They were also indented to make it easier to break the treats into three bite size pieces.  This would be a great option if you had a smaller dog or if you preferred giving your dog small treats.  Coco would like the entire thing at once.

I have been using these treats to work on some new training commands with Coco.  She knows the basic commands:  sit, lay down, come, heel, stay, up, down and shake, but we are working on "roll over" and "say please".  She hasn't quite mastered them yet, but she's getting there.

As far as the taste of these treats, I can't vouch for them, but whenever I open Coco's treat cupboard, she chooses the Stackerz over her other treats.  I'm guessing these are her favorite!

What I can vouch for is this - the Pedigree Stackerz treats don't upset Coco's sensitive tummy like many other treats do.  I don't believe they are specifically formulated for sensitive tummies, but it's a relief to be able to give her something that isn't going to make her sick afterwards - and that makes mom very happy!

We will definitely be purchasing this product in the future and would recommend them to any family that has a dog.

I hope you have enjoyed our review of the Pedigree Stackerz.  Has your dog ever tried these treats?

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