Wednesday, October 22, 2014

DIY Painted Pencil Jar

So, I got a little crafty yesterday, with a few painting projects.  One turned out well and one...well, let's just say there will be a #DIYfail featured at the end of the blog.  We all have them sometimes, right?

My inspiration for the first project came out of necessity.  I have been using my colored pencils a lot in my planner and the box they are packaged in is a pain to open and close.  I wanted to have the pencils out and accessible on my desk when I do my planning sessions every week, so I thought I'd pretty-fy an old flower vase I had.  I (an probably most of you) keep all my flower vases and they end up collecting dust in the cabinet above my refrigerator.  So, I thought I'd start putting them to use in other areas of my home.

I bought this paint ages ago for a project that I didn't end up doing, but I thought it would be perfect for this and pulled it out.

I wanted the design to be simple - a few vertical lines of dots - not too many that the jar would start to look cluttered.  I ended up spacing the lines about two inches apart at the fullest part of the vase.  I used the eraser end of a pencil to place the dots.

The dots dried perfectly, leaving a clear, glittery that shows up iridescent in certain lights.

Here's a better look at the finished project.

I love the way the jar looks with the colored pencils in it.  It is just enough of a sparkle without being overwhelming and the color of the pencils really catch your eye.

And now for the DIY fail...  I was trying to paint just the bottom section of a small mason jar in the same glittery paint.  I taped off the area that I wanted to paint, and applied three coats.  Unfortunately, it dried splotchy and when I carefully removed the tape, the paint peeled off in one section. (face::palm)

I have a few other ideas to try this theory using mod podge and glitter instead.  Don't be surprised if you see this project on the blog again - hopefully completed and not another fail!

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