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Erin Condren Life Planner - A Review

Do you know that feeling you get when you walk through the stationery aisle during back-to-school shopping?  That tingle of excitement as you select the pens, pencils and notebooks you'll be using for the year?  Well, that's the same feeling I get when I visit the Erin Condren website.

I've been scrolling through the thumbnails of colorful stationery and glossy office supplies for a year now, and finally convinced myself to hit the purchase button.  My package arrived about two weeks later (I ordered around the holidays) in the most beautiful shipping container I've ever seen.

The inside of the package was just as pretty.  I felt like it was my birthday opening it.  Swaddled in tissue paper and bubble wrap, sealed with the "enjoy" sticker, lay my 2015 fleur feliz watercolor classic life planner. This particular design also comes in a blue/green version as well.  As for the teal envelope - we will talk about that a bit later.

Reader, meet life planner.  This book is heavy duty, weighing in at two pounds.  The spiral-bound coil is so thick, it bounced right back into shape even after I stepped on it (yes, I actually stepped on it) and the thick laminated cover is sure to withstand the 12-18 months the planner will be in use.

Speaking of covers - they are now interchangeable, meaning: you can peel them off and replace them with a new design whenever the mood shall strike.  You can purchase as many covers as you'd like.

The inside of the cover has a space you can write your contact info in with permanent marker.  You can easily clean the marker off of any laminated surface with a cotton pad and a little rubbing alcohol and wipe dry with a clean cloth.  I tried this over and over and it does work.

The first few pages are decorative and can be used as dashboards if that suits you...

...and the next few pages is where you'll find the year-at-a-glance, which I use as a tracker of sorts.

Flip to the next page and you're in the calendar section of the planner.  The layout is pretty standard if you're used to the pre-formatted planners:  a month-on-two-pages followed by the week-on-two-pages.  The tabbed month pages are laid out Sunday - Saturday and have a "notes" column following.

The planner does come with a clear, moveable ruler/page holder that snaps into the coil like the cover.

The weekly pages look a little something like this.

Every week has a "goals & notes" space along with the monthly calendar view and each day is split up into three blocks of time:  morning, day and night.  The week is laid out Monday - Sunday so the weekend is kept together for planning purposes. There is also a blank lined section beneath each day for additional notes.

Following the calendar section are both lined and unlined pages for notes and two sheets each of printed and blank removeable stickers for things like birthdays, appointments, games, etc.

You'll also find the double-sided "keep it together" folder and the "perpetual calendar" - a place to store important dates and contact info, as well as a clear zippered pouch to store pens or sticky notes.

Remember the teal envelope I told you I'd tell you about later?  Well, that envelope was full of stickers, gift tags and book plates - all FREE!

So that - taking a deep breath - is the Erin Condren life planner. I know this has been an incredibly long post, but there are a bunch of features to this book that I had to make sure I shared with you. Believe it or not, you can also purchase tons of additional products to accompany your planner, like the keep-it-together band, notepads, pens and a pen loop.  As I mentioned earlier, you can design additional covers and add text and photos to them.  The possibilities are endless!

As far as my review is concerned, I would DEFINITELY recommend the life planner to anyone who needs to keep track of a busy life or a business/blog.  They are on the more pricey side of the cost spectrum (starting at $50 plus shipping), but you are getting what you pay for.  The construction of this planner is like no other and it will last for a long time.  The planner is well designed with lots of bright colors and inspirational messages throughout.  I'm excited to repurchase this planner next year and continue to use them for my life and business planning in the future.

If you are interested in purchasing a life planner for yourself, I do have an affiliate link you can use and get $10 off your first purchase.

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  1. Meaghan | Cook. Craft. Love.February 6, 2015 at 11:03 AM

    This is awesome! I've been wanting to pull the trigger on an Erin Condren planner for ages! I think I might have to make the switch in 2016 :)