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My One Word for 2015

One Little Word | 2015 - A Simpler Grace

You might be familiar with the "one word" movement.  If not, it's a pretty simple concept.  Instead of having a list of resolutions for the New Year, you choose one word that encompasses your goals.

I fell in love with the idea of choosing a word that would mean something and carry through the year rather than setting a bunch of goals that will never truly last more than a few months.  I spent a lot of time thinking about what my word would be.  I thought about the goals I set last year and which ones I accomplished and which ones I still needed work on.

Last year, I set goals in twelve areas of my life - yes 12!  These ranged from family and financial to work and educational.  Even though I had a good method of listing and tracking the goals, frankly, it was too much.  My day was packed with projects and things to do and I'd end up pulling an 18-hour day just trying to accomplish everything.  I didn't have any time to relax and enjoy the day and the wonderful people I have around me.  2014 was a tough year for me.  I felt run-down and ragged and some of that was my health, but a lot was what I was doing to myself!

Enter 2015.  I knew I had to do something different.  I took a long hard look at what didn't work last year and made some changes.  I chose several "ideas" that I wanted to accomplish this year and chose a singular term that encompassed all of the ideas.

My one word for 2015 is...
     1.  acquire knowledge of or skill in (something) by study, experience, or being taught.
          synonyms:acquire a knowledge of, acquire skill in, become competent in,become proficient in, graspmaster, take in, absorbassimilate,digest, familiarize oneself with;
study, read up on, be

 taught, have lessons in

You might laugh at some of these goals, and some of you might have a few planned for yourself. Whatever the case, these are my honest and humble attempts to try to better myself this year.  Let me break them down for you.
  • Listen more - not just hear
    • I'm notorious for multitasking while someone is trying to speak to me.  Whether it be the normal gab about our day or someone is confiding in me about a problem they are having, I need to learn how to set down what I'm doing and actually listen to them.
  • Read/journal the Bible in one year
    • I grew up in a Christian home and school.  I've read the entire Bible, memorized verses and even taught Vacation Bible School and it's pathetic that I have such little recall when it comes to whats in that book.  To remedy this, I've started reading through the Good Book and doing an art journal to accompany my studies.  I hope to absorb more this time around.
  • Learn to be patient
    • If you know me in person, you know that my patience is lacking.  This is something that must be worked on.  Because impatient breakdowns are not acceptable in your 30's.
  • Lean on God and stop worrying
    • My name is Lecy and I'm a big worrywart.  I last experienced worry about 5 minutes ago.  In all seriousness, there is no point in worrying about what may be coming around the corner.  I know God has it in His control and I need to stop doubting His plan.
  • Manage work time better
    • I'm a little bit of a big procrastinator and this has a negative effect on my work.  When you are a full time blogger, it is so easy to spend hours scrolling through Pinterest or Twitter rather than editing photos and writing posts.  This year, I'm setting a work plan each night for the following day.  I'm also setting a timeline that I'd like to complete each item by so I can stay on track.  This is a learning process.  
  • Learn to crochet
    • I know how to knit (somewhat) but I'd like to learn how to crochet this year.  I plan on hooking up with some friends who crochet, following some fabulous bloggers' tutorials and subscribing to some crocheting divas on YouTube.  You might even see a post or two on my crocheting adventures (or mishaps) on the blog soon!  If you're a fellow knitter/crocheter, let's link up on Ravelry.
  • Learn to say "no" (sometimes)
    • This is a tough one for me.  Being the perfectionist that I am, I tend to take way too much on at any given time.  It could be an organizing project that I'm excited to start or some personal enrichment things I'd like to work on or a favor from a friend or an invitation to a party.  I think I can manage everything, and I might have been able to ten years ago, but I cannot now. Saying no is hard for everyone.  Maybe I don't want to hurt someone's feelings or maybe I'm in denial that I'm not as sprout as I was in my 20's, but I need to learn to choose the things that are really important to me and decline the ones that aren't.
Overall, these are the important points I'd like focus on this year.  Have you chosen one word for 2015?  

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