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Where You Can Find Free Books

Where You Can Find Free Books - A Simpler Grace

If you're a book lover like I am, you could spend a pretty penny on Amazon or at your local bookstore stocking up on the latest best sellers.  Reading can be an expensive hobby, especially if you are in a book club or have signed up for a reading challenge for the new year.  No matter how many books you plan to read this year, you can find lots of titles (both new and old) for free.  Yes, FREE!
The first and most obvious place to look for free books is your local library.  They will have thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of books available for your reading pleasure at no charge. Most libraries also have audio books, DVDs and music CDs available for use as well as a collection of magazines and newspapers.  My local library offers audio downloads through Overdrive - where I can borrow audio books for a specified amount of time and listen to them on my mobile device or computer.

You could also check to see if there is a used book shop in your area.  We have one about twenty minutes from my home and you can trade books in for store credit to use for new reads.  The books are sold super cheap so you can get a lot for your money.

Another way to score some free literature is to join a book swap.  This could be a group of friends that passes books after reading or through a website like Paperbackswap.  

There are quite a few websites that offer free ebook downloads, but sometimes the books are only free for a limited time, so grab them quickly if they interest you!
  1. One Hundred Free Books - click the option for "free Kindle books" in the top right corner.
  2. BookBub - just sign in with your email and get daily messages with free and cheap books.
  3. Jungle Steals and Deals - offers a selection of free ebooks through Amazon.
  4. Project Gutenberg - has thousands of free ebooks available for download.
  5. Library of Congress - the largest library in the world where you can access educational materials.
If you enjoy having something to read on the go, check out the app BookShout.  Just sign up to receive emails and have a free book (or two) delivered to your inbox.

Maybe you enjoy reviewing books that you've read?  Then you should check out these sites:
  1. Story Cartel - read books for free in exchange for an honest review.
  2. BookLook Bloggers - post reviews on your personal blog for your free read.
  3. Litfuse Publicity - become a Litfuse Nest blogger and review books.
  4. Blogging for Books - bloggers join to earn books by blogging.
I have found so many fantastic books using the methods listed above that I'll truly never run out of something to read.  I hope you can find some great deals too!

What are your favorite ways to find free books?

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