Saturday, February 07, 2015

Liebster Award

Simple Life, Happy Wife has been nominated for the 2015 Liebster Award!

I am beyond excited because I don't win things.  I was picked last in my elementary PE class.  My raffle ticket has never contained the winning numbers and when I played the claw game at the local arcade, I would drop the prize as soon as I got the claw in the air. You can imagine my shock when I get a message from a blogging friend saying she has nominated me for a Liebster!

My thanks go out to Jacquelyn at DIY Design Mom for this blogging community award.  Jacquelyn's blog is the go-to place for home design and style and you can check her out here.

There are 6 rules for the Liebster Award:

  • Acknowledge the blogger who nominated them and display the award.
  • Answer 11 questions the nominating blog gave you.
  • Give 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate up to 11 blogs you think are deserving of the award.
  • Let the 11 bloggers know you've nominated them via social media.
  • Give them 11 questions of your own to answer.
The 11 questions given to me and my answers:

1. Did you design your own blog logo or did you have someone else do the designing? 
I did design my blog logo and several trial logos before this one.  Although I am not a professional graphic designer (my first major was graphic designing) I like to play around with design sometimes.

2. How would you categorize the type of blog you write in 1 word?
Simple  :)

3. What’s your favorite TV show or Movie?
Easy. Favorite TV show is So You Think You Can Dance.  Favorite movie is Fifty First Dates.

4. What do you think is the most effective way to market your blog? What platforms or methods have given you the greatest success? 
I'm not a marketing buff, but I think the best way I've marketed my blog is by getting it out there to the masses.  I spend 20% of my time researching post topics, writing the posts, taking photos, editing, editing and more editing and 80% out in the field (on the web) networking, making friends and letting them know what I do and have written.

5. Do you have any pets?
I have several pets.  I have an American bulldog puppy named Coco who just turned 2 and I have two cats.  Aly is my female Maine Coon and Snickers is my male Norwegian Forest Cat.  Both will be 6 this summer.  We also had another boy kitty named Sport who is in kitty Heaven.  ;'(.

6. Where do you live? Keep it vague for safety reasons…example: Idaho or France…do not list your city or town unless it’s a big one.
I live in Northern Virginia.

7.How often do you write blog posts and what time of the day do you usually write?
I write between 3-4 blog posts a week and I write whenever the mood strikes.  Usually during the day, but sometimes at night if I have insomnia.

8. What is your current song obsession? 
I have been and am currently in love with Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith.  Two awesome voices.

9. Did you watch the Superbowl? If so, what did you think of Katy Perry’s performance? 
I did watch the Super Bowl and I think Katy Perry rocked it!  Does that girl ever not put on a great show?

10. What are you most proud of?
Well, winning a Liebster Award, of course.  ;)

11. What do you find most challenging about blogging?
The most challenging thing about blogging is the writer's block.  Sometimes you'll have a brilliant idea in your head, but you can't get it on paper...err, I mean on the web.  I've found that some ideas need to marinate longer before they are tender enough to roast (or post).

My 11 random facts:
  1.  I am the oldest of 8 children.
  2.  I don't own a pair of high heels.
  3.  In high school, I wanted to be a child psychologist.  
  4.  I have 18 hours of tattoo work on my body.
  5.  I met my husband online.
  6.  I'm addicted to green olives.
  7.  I'm a lefty.
  8.  I used to have a side business making chocolate candy.
  9.  I collect antique tea china.
10.  Speaking of tea, I love it.  Don't drink coffee.
11.  I would adopt every stray or homeless animal if my husband would let me!

The 11 10 bloggers I am nominating are:
Margriet at Child of Light
Rachel at Choose Happy (link no longer active)
Julie at Day by Day
Melissa at A Sampling Bee

My 11 questions to these ladies:
  1.  How did you decide on the name of your blog?
  2.  How many unread emails are sitting in you inbox? (be honest!)
  3.  What is your favorite food?
  4.  What is one wardrobe staple you can't live without?  (mine is hoodie sweatshirts)
  5.  Do you have children?
  6.  What is your favorite social media platform and why?
  7.  What is something you do, smell, taste that immediately takes you back to your childhood?
  8.  What is the best thing (in your opinion) about blogging?
  9.  What is your guilty pleasure?
10.  Where state/country are you from?
11.  What 5 things do you always have to keep in your purse/bag?

Looking forward to reading your answers, ladies!  Thanks again to Jacquelyn for nominating me!

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