Friday, March 20, 2015

Links to Love | 36

I'm doing my happy dance because it's Friday and it actually feels like Spring!  The windows have been open and I can't wait to get started on my spring cleaning.  (I know, sad, huh?)

One of my favorite things about Spring is being able to stay out in the yard at night and watch the night sky light up and twinkle with stars.  Some of these sky-gazing spots are definitely going on my bucket list.
photo cred: David Lane

I'm loving this best friend duo.  An unlikely pair, but you can tell from the photos they sure love each other.

I love this landscape.  And nine others.

This photographer took photographs of every person he saw reading a book on the subway.

And this sweet video of a flower girl and a ring bearer marrying each other twenty years later.  (video link)

What are some of your favorite things this week?

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