Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Five Tips to Keep Your Skin Looking Healthy

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I don't know about you, but my skin always seems to freak out when the seasons change.  It gets particularly bad when we go from summer to fall or winter to spring, bouncing from a super humid or dry climate to the opposite at a moment's notice.  Taking good care of your skin year round is essential to keep it healthy during these tougher seasons.  Not doing so could result in breakouts, overly dry or oily skin or irritations from your favorite products.

I've put together five, easy tips to keep your skin looking healthy year round.  It goes without saying that if you have a chronic skin problem that requires medical treatment, you should speak with your dermatologist before applying these tips to your daily skin routine.

1.  Cleanse your skin frequently.
Whether you wear makeup or not, it's important to cleanse your skin every day.  Be sure to use a gentle cleanser that is appropriate for your particular skin type and use it according to the directions on the package.  When washing your face, make sure you don't scrub, as this could cause irritation and always pat dry with a clean towel.

2.  Moisturize that thirsty skin.
Choosing a good moisturizer that works with your skin type is key to having happy skin.  Look for one with natural ingredients and apply all over your clean face or in your dryer spots.  When applying moisturizer, it's better to dab it into your skin rather than rubbing it in. Dragging your fingers across the surface can stretch your skin and cause sagging and fine lines.

3.  Remove makeup at the end of the day.
Makeup can clog your pores if you leave it on more than one day.  To keep your skin clear, remove all makeup at night and start fresh in the morning.  Look for a gentle makeup remover or pick up a pack of convenient makeup remover wipes.

4.  Be very picky when it comes to facials and other special treatments.
Just because your favorite spa or salon offers lots of facials and other skin treatments, doesn't mean they are good for you.  Many use chemicals that can damage the surface of your skin or leave you very irritated or give you an allergic reaction.  Be sure to check with your dermatologist before trying any chemical treatment, especially if you have a chronic skin condition like rosacea.

5.  Find some great products and stick with them.
Finding a good product that works well with your skin type is gold!  I always try to stick with skincare products that I know work for me and don't cause any irritation. One product that I recently tried was my Nanoblur skin primer.  It works just like any other primer in that you apply it before your makeup, but this one has added benefits.  Not only does it make the surface of your skin feel and appear smooth, but it helps reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles, crow's feet and enlarged pores.  

I have been using my Nanoblur as a base before applying any makeup and it lives up to it's name.  It actually "blurred" out some of the discoloration on my face and made my skin look more even. Foundation or BB/CC cream goes on like a dream after using this product, which is an added bonus.

I will definitely be getting #Nanoblurred again and purchasing this product when my tube runs out.  I love the added benefits of the correction of the appearance of skin aging and love that applying makeup is a little easier when I use it!

What are your favorite skincare products to use?  Have you every tried Nanoblur before?

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