Monday, December 28, 2015

Simple Gratitude | 12

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Hello, friends!  After a short hiatus for the holidays, I'm back, feeling refreshed and ready to start the new year off with a bang!  How about you?

I had a lovely Christmas with my family.  We did something that hasn't happened since we were all kids - all of my siblings (EIGHT of us, except one of my sisters, who had to work) bunked together at the 'rent's house on Christmas Eve and woke up the next morning and enjoyed coffee and breakfast and opened gifts as a family unit.  It was lovely.  I hope you and your family had a fantastic and hope-filled holiday season too!

This week, I'm grateful for:
  • Family time!  I wouldn't trade the time I got to spend with each of my siblings over the week for anything.  They are truly some of my best friends in the world.
  • Christmas cookies.  I've been particularly loving chocolate chip and gingerbread, but have been craving a few family favorites that we didn't have time to make before the holiday.  They might, however, make an appearance later in the week AND the recipes could possibly be in a future blog post.  Stay turned...
  • Long, relaxing hot showers (or baths) are always a staple when winter comes around.  Usually, I'm pretty quick with my grooming routines, but I do enjoy the relaxation that comes with not having to rush off to work or a social function.
  • Walmart Savings Catcher.  Totally not paid to say this, but with as much shopping as I/the family can do at wally world, the extra cash we save just for scanning a recipt in the price-matching app is awesome.
  • Snapchat.  Although I don't do a whole lot on my own account except chat with some friends, I have been able to meet some awesome creatives through the social app and it's been so fun to get a look at their life behind the scenes of their website or Instagram channel.  I'd love to connect with you too, as I might get brave and start posting some public content in 2016.  Find me at LPgirl07.  :)

What are you grateful for today?  Hop over to Ember Grey to check out the other posts!

A Grateful Heart with Ember Grey

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  1. Long hot showers are ALWAYS the best!

  2. Yes! They are my refuge after a hard day. Thanks for coming by Tayler!

  3. Yes! I would love to see those cookie recipes! ;) (Not that I need anymore cookies, my gosh. haha) Thanks for linking up, Lecy!

  4. Emily, I'm sure my waistline would appreciate a salad instead of the cookies, but nonetheless, they will be featured on the blog soon! :) Thanks for coming by to check out the post!