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A Closet Purge | 101 in 1001

A Closet Purge | 101 in 1001 - A Simpler Grace

If you follow my 101 in 1001 project, you'll know that #4 on my list is to curate a capsule wardrobe and #17 is to donate 101 things I no longer need.  I've wanted to put together a capsule wardrobe for so long, but I knew that I really needed a good closet purge to simplify what I owned before I could do that.  So, this weekend, I opened my closet doors and got started.

I began by yanking everything off the hangers.  I mean EVERYTHING.  In a very Konmari method kind of way, I piled things up on my bed in categories and went through them accordingly.  This is what I started off with...


It came to my attention that I owned a lot of bulky clothing:  lots of sweatshirts and chunky sweaters and sweatpants that weren't stylish and did nothing for my figure, so most of these items had to go.

The very first thing I did was get rid of anything that had holes or rips, seams or hems that were coming out or just looked worn.  These items went in the trash.  Then, I used the "six month rule" and tossed any article I hadn't worn in six months or less.  Next, I asked myself, if I saw that piece in a shop, would I purchase it today?  Any items removed at this point were put in a donation pile.

Finally, I tried on everything remaining on my bed.  I checked the fit of each and every item because I wasn't going to keep anything that didn't flatter my figure as it was today.  I have, in the past, saved clothing that was a size too small (or big) "in case" I lost (or gained) weight, but I simply don't have the space to do that now.  If I didn't look and feel great in it, it had to go.

This is what I was left with...

As you can see, I cut down on a lot of the "bulk" which will save a ton of space in my closet and my drawers.  I will share a dedicated capsule wardrobe post a bit later, as it will take some time for me to organize everything and curate the things I have and pick up a few new staples.  Stay turned for that.

Now for the big reveal...  This is my purge pile.  This does NOT include the items I trashed or the shoes and accessories I added to the donation pile after this photo was taken.

All in all, I will be donating 102 items total!  I could not believe I could part with that many things before I finished this project, but I'm so happy to have all the extra space in my closet.

These items will be going to a local battered women's shelter here in the tri-state area and hopefully, the women there can use them.  There are quite a few business/professional pieces that might help in some of these gals being able to find work so they are able to support themselves.  I love causes that empower women who have been through tough times and are trying to get back on their feet!

Have you ever done a major closet purge before?  What items do you have a hard time letting go of?

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