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A Day in the Life | Spring 2016

People always ask me what I do during the day and are surprised when I tell them.  There is a common misconception that "full-time bloggers" sit on the couch eating bonbons all day and maybe write an hour or two when they are inspired (aka "fired up") about something.  This couldn't be farther from the truth.  A fun way to dispell this rumor is to share a peek at my typical work day and what it entails.  So, come along with me for a day in my life.

6:00 AM (but usually much earlier than this)
Bright and early, I'm up to start my day.  As soon as I wake up, I take medication, test my glucose then get a workout in.  I also spend this time making adjustments to my daily task list, which I write out the day before.  Sometimes, I will also help my sister by getting my one-year-old nephew up and dressed for daycare.  They are both out the door by 6:30.

7:00 AM
I put my nanny hat on and get my six-year-old niece up for school.  Sometimes this is a difficult task, but usually, I just need to turn on some good music (she likes Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber) and she jumps out of bed and gets herself dressed. We have a dance party and do her morning routine including doing her hair, getting her breakfast and brushing her teeth before we go to the bus stop at 8:00.

8:30 AM
When I get home from the bus stop (it's about two miles from the house #mountainlife) I jump in the shower then get my breakfast and take more medications so I can start my work day.  I will usually start by tackling some of the tedious items on my daily task sheet first, then jump into the bulk of my work - the writing.  I write one to two articles a day, as well as work on editing other upcoming posts. This time is also used to compose, take and edit photographs for the blog and social media posts since my lighting is best early in the day.

If I happen to be working far enough ahead in my editorial calendar, I occasionally get the chance to block off an entire morning and devote it to working on my books.  First priority is always my longest-running project, my non-fiction manuscript, but I'm also in the beginning stages of penning a novel and a children's book.  (When diving into authorship, why not explore every type of writing possible?)

12:00 PM
At noon, I break for lunch and spend the next thirty minutes returning emails and responding to comments on blog posts and on social media.  While I'm on the various social media apps, I will quickly scroll through my feeds and like, comment and share some of my blogging buddies' content.

12:30 PM
After I've finished my lunch, I'm back to the grindstone.  I spend some of this time working on my mother's planner accessory business: writing and editing for the blog, responding to comments and questions on the Etsy shop, processing orders and dealing with any emails related to that business.

I return to my blog to make final edits and schedule posts to go live for the following week.  The rest of my afternoon is spent researching new post topics, editing more photographs or writing book reviews for the handful of publishing houses I'm affiliated with.  Some of them are written on GoodReads and other publishers have me write on their websites modules or email the content for them to upload.  If I am caught up on all my work, I can occasionally sneak in a quick nap, which is always something I look forward to.

3:30 PM
The nanny hat goes back on when I pick up my niece from the bus stop.  We run to the mailbox (which is about five miles from the house) then head home to work on something creative or play outside.  If it's nice outside, she loves to go on nature walks or draw in the driveway with sidewalk chalk, but if the weather is bad, we clear off the kitchen table to paint or build things with play dough. My niece is very crafty, so if she's got her art box with her markers, construction paper, stickers and scissors, she can stay busy for hours.

5:30 PM
My sister gets home within the hour, depending on traffic, so I help get dinner ready for the kids so she can ease into the evening with them.  I'll usually grab a bite to eat then return to my laptop to tie up any loose ends from earlier in the day. The next few hours are spent on my creative projects: editing non-blog related photographs, sketching new jewelry designs or creating a new piece, painting or drawing.

8:00 PM
As the day winds down, I sit to go over the next day and write out tomorrow's daily task sheet.  I also spend this time journaling or doing some creative writing.

9:00 PM
Because I am such a voyeur of other creative's lives, I do dedicate a little time every night to catching up on vlogs on YouTube and snaps.  It's my guilty pleasure and I usually spend the whole time laughing at the ridiculousness that ensues in others' lives.  Sometimes, I'll get the chance to sit down and watch an actual movie with my sister after the kids go to bed.  We've been going through all the Nicholas Sparks films, so a lot of tissues and a LOT of wine are consumed during these occasions.

10:00 PM
On a normal night when there are no movies to be enjoyed, I'll get some reading done.  If I'm making my way through an audiobook, I'll knit while I listen, but if I'm reading a physical book, I'll just read until I fall asleep.  Sometimes, this is fifteen minutes and sometimes it's several hours. #helloinsomnia

There you have it - a day in the life of a blogger | photographer | graphic designer/social media manager | nanny | nerd. What does your day look like?

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