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Hello April | Goals

Hello April | Goals - A Simpler Grace
Well, hello there, April.  And hi, friends!  Can you believe that we are through the month of March already?  I certainly cannot, but I'm excited for a fresh start that comes with a new month.  Also, it's Donate Life Month, but more on that tomorrow.  Today, we're talking goals.

My goals for March.  Let's see how I did...
  • Eat clean and gluten-free every day in March.  Meh.  I had one too many cheat days last month and ended up failing this miserably.  I put partial blame on all that yummy Easter candy. I will try this one again.
  • Complete the 30 Day Minimalism Project  Done!  You can check out my post here.
  • Handwrite one note or card for a friend  Yep, did this.  I wrote a letter to my brother, who is away for school until next fall.  I miss him so much and hope to get to go visit him soon.
  • Stick to my editorial calendar for the month  Completed.  I wrote and posted every single article I planned with the exception of two, that I realized were too similar to other posts I'd recently written.  That makes twenty posts in March!
  • Complete the scarf I'm knitting  Not even close.  I don't think I touched the scarf all month. Perhaps in April?
  • Workout every day of the month except my 3 rest days  Sadly, nope.  March was a tough month for me, health wise, and although I did a lot of stretching exercises, I didn't do nearly as many workouts that I hoped I would.  This month, I'm starting a 60-day yoga challenge, so I'll be doing yoga every day for the next two months.
  • Devote two hours a week to something creative  Yes!!  I painted and drew with pastels and charcoals and played with sidewalk chalk with my niece and took a lot of pictures.    There was tons of time spent being creative this month.
  • Read eight books from my reading challenges  Done and done.  I read a total of fifteen books, but eight of them were from my reading challenges.  
  • Complete the March section from my Bible-in-a-year plan  Fail, big time.  I really need to make this a habit I stick to.  Starting over in April and hoping to succeed.
  • Write two short stories  Fini.  Although I don't share these stories anywhere special, they are a great way to keep my mind fresh and the writer's block at bay.
  • Try a new recipe from Pinterest Done and oh, so good.  I made the Cheesy Cauliflower Bake from Simple As That and the Slow Cooker Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes from Cooking Classy - both for Easter dinner.  My family loved them!
  • Encourage at least one person every day  Always something I strive for, but I did check this one off.  
  • Read sixty articles I've pinned on Pinterest (just two a day!)  Although I read some articles, I didn't get through sixty.  Add this to next month's list!  My goal is to get through several of my Pinterest boards and only have content that is helpful and true to share with my followers.
  • Get outside more (more fresh air, more vitamin D)  Check!  My niece and I went on quite a few nature walks after school and we spent a lot of time outdoors tending to our little container garden seedlings.  So far, we have green bean and tomato plants sprouting.  Still waiting on the basil and the peppers and have a few more to plant, yet.
  • Authentically grow my social media platforms by 2%  This one is kind of a toss-up.  Some of my social media platforms grew quite a bit over the last month and others didn't at all (or lost a handful of followers).  I take these results with a grain of salt because a lot of people play the follow/unfollow game on social media, which I can't stand.  I'm happy to gain one follower a month if it is someone who will stick around and connect with me instead of just being a number.
And my goals for April...
  • Eat clean and gluten-free every day in April
  • Handwrite one note or card for a friend
  • Stick to my editorial calendar for the month
  • Complete the scarf I'm knitting
  • Do yoga every day of the month
  • Devote two hours a week to something creative
  • Read eight books from my reading challenges
  • Complete the April section from my Bible-in-a-year plan
  • Work on my non-fiction book
  • Try a new recipe from Pinterest
  • Leave a positive or encouraging note on ten people's cars 
  • Read sixty articles I've pinned on Pinterest (just two a day!)
  • Devote more time to helping my mother's planner accessory business grow
  • Complete three Bible journaling entries
  • Finish the little blog tweaks I have planned
What goals did you set for yourself this month? 

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