Monday, April 18, 2016

Simple Gratitude | 25

Today I'm sharing my #gratefulheart on the blog #gratitude #feelingthankful
Happy Monday!

The gorgeous weekend we were blessed with was definitely needed after a long and stressful week.  I spent some time outdoors with my niece and nephew and a lot of time working around the house and lounging in bed (with the windows open) and catching up on some reading.  The next few weeks hold some big changes for me and I'm hoping everything goes off smoothly.  More on that in the near future.

This week, I'm grateful for:
  • The internet.  From being able to hop on Google and research medications to finding a long lost friend to learning how to transplant my sweet mint plant, you can find just about anything on the internet and I'm so thankful for technology.
  • My new little succulents.  I purchased a few cute little plants and potted them in the cutest bowl from The Pioneer Woman.  Stay turned to Instagram for a photo of these new editions to my container garden.
  • Quiet moments alone.  I've had a lot of time to do some self-reflecting lately and really deal with some tough issues that have been weighing on my heart.  These periods of intimacy with me, myself and I are just what I need to clear my head and remember what I need, who I am and where I should be.
  • Frixion pens.  I have used a number of pens in my daily planning and general note-taking, but recently started trying these nifty, erasable pens (courtesy of my mother) and am in love!  I have needed in my life a good pen that writes smoothly but can also be completely erased.  No more scribbles in my planner!
  • Good hand cream.  I don't know if it's just my skin or what, but my hands have been so dry lately.  Like, dead of winter, dry.  So many lotions haven't done anything to help, but my warm vanilla sugar from Bath & Body Works seems to do the trick.  So glad to have a big tube of it!
What are you grateful for today?

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  1. I am always grateful for the internet! This past winter we didn't have power or the internet for the entire day. It's crazy how dependent I've become upon the internet!

  2. Emma, I would die without the internet. Haha! It is absolute torture to be without it. I took a tech-free/unplug weekend recently and I swear I must have picked up my phone a dozen times every hour until I finally had to put it in a drawer so I wouldn't reach for it. There are definitely pros and cons to technology but I lean more towards the pro side. ;) Thanks for stopping by today!