Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Accessorizing Your Capsule Wardrobe | Spring 2016

Accessorizing Your Capsule Wardrobe | Spring 2016 - A Simpler Grace - A look at my must-have accessories for your spring capsule wardrobe.
About a month ago, I shared my tips for creating a capsule wardrobe and gearing it toward the seasons of spring and summer.  Today, I'm going to talk about accessorizing that capsule wardrobe and tell you my must-have pieces to include in your closet collection.

Some accessories are necessary, like shoes.  You can hardly get around during the day without them, whereas other accessories are more optional, such as different jewelry pieces.  Accessories are something you'll want to include in your capsule wardrobe because they finish your overall look and add a little something extra to make you look and feel polished.  You can easily take any outfit from daytime to nighttime with the right touches and accessories are the key to doing that.

Depending on where you live, you likely won't be able to wear the same accessories year round, just like you probably won't wear the same clothing year round.  Here in the Northeast, we experience all four seasons with temperatures ranging from over 100° in the summer to below freezing in the winter. You'll need a few, select items to pair with your outfits for each season and can mix and match or layer them for a more unique look in those transitional months.

These are my tips for building your accessory collection.

Shoes are a necessity in any closet (unless you live on a beach).  Purchasing shoes in neutral colors or metallics help them easily pair with just about any outfit.  If you choose to include shoes in a non-neutral color or print, make sure you can wear then with several outfit choices from your closet to make them worthwhile.
  • classic pumps or heels, black
  • ballet flats, neutral color or metallic
  • tall boots, black or brown
  • strappy heels
  • sandals, flat and/or wedge
Handbags are a signature statement for many women.  They add just the right finishing touch to a look and are functional too.  Bags are one accessory you can get away with using more throughout the year, so scout your closet for what you already have.
  • a classic structured bag, neutral color
  • an evening bag
  • a tote or messenger-style bag
Jewelry pieces are a way to add a bit of glam to your outfits and can be worn with both dressy and casual looks.  Many jewelry pieces can be worn year-round, but some of the bolder, more colorful choices work best when they are work seasonally.  Again, make sure the pieces you choose can go with several items in your closet.
  • a classic set: stud earrings, a necklace, and bracelet or ring in pearl or gemstone/CZ
  • a comfortable wristwatch
  • a gold or silver chain necklace
  • a statement necklace
  • a bold ring
  • a stack of bangles
  • a pair of dangling or statement earrings
Other accessories I recommend adding to your capsule wardrobe are as follows:
  • a lightweight scarf in a seasonal color or print
  • a heavier scarf for the purpose of keeping warm
  • well-fitting sunglasses, neutral color (several pairs if you're a clutz like me)
  • tights in a neutral color (I love wearing gray tights on the colder spring days!)
I realize this list of accessories is pretty minimal compared to most women's closets, but I am a minimalist.  You can add pieces here and there to suit your personal style and taste.  Just be sure what you add works with multiple looks in your closet so you will get plenty of wear out of them.

What are your spring accessory must-haves?

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  1. These are great tips! I don't do capsule wardrobes but I keep my closet paired down to only things I wear. :-)

  2. Thanks Susannah! I think it's such a good idea to get rid of the things that are just taking up space in your closet. So glad you came by to say hello!