Wednesday, May 18, 2016

5 Things You Won't Find on My Instagram

5 things you won't find on my Instagram (and a few things you will)
One of the things I strive for here on the blog and on all of my social media platforms is authenticity. It's important to me to be the person I say I am so you feel you can trust me and that you're always getting the real deal from me.

Social media has become very inauthentic lately and it's difficult to sort out what's real and what's not - especially when certain celebrities are getting paid $100,000 for ridiculous Instagram posts, just because of their name. Because of this, I thought I'd share a few things you won't find on my Instagram and a few things you will.
  • I won't share photos portraying a picture-perfect life.  Friends, I do not have it all together. There are some days I struggle to wake up and get out of my PJs before heading to the bus stop with my niece and very often, my Instagram pictures feature yours truly with not a stitch of makeup on this face and my hair in a top knot. Just because a few of my pictures look like they were professionally styled, doesn't mean my house is immaculate and a home cooked meal is on the table at 6 p.m. sharp.  Sometimes you just see a 2x2 square that looks pretty, but what's really happening behind the camera is a hamper full of dirty laundry and a family that is having pizza or cereal for dinner. I am a very real person and my life is far from perfect.
  • I won't follow you only to get your follow back.  One of the most annoying things about Instagram is getting followed by some random account and then unfollowed when you don't promptly return the favor. I only follow accounts that I'm truly interested in seeing in my feed and definitely don't expect you to follow me back - just because - if you don't appreciate my content. If you don't want to follow me, that's ok.  I try to nurture genuine community with my readers and want to grow my numbers authentically rather than do things the sketchy way.
  • I won't push products just to make a buck. My Instagram feed is not an infomercial.  In other words, you won't be seeing ad after ad of some useless product I'm trying to sell you. When I do feature a product on my feed, it is because I personally use it and want to share because I think you will also enjoy it.  I am held by federal law to notate anytime I've received any form of compensation for promoting a product, so any advertisement that isn't organic will always be noted as such in the post. The primary purpose of my Instagram is to share and connect with others, not to make a dollar.
  • I won't clog your feed every thirty minutes. IGers have mixed theories on how often you should post. Personally, I don't like to share so much that you get annoyed at seeing me pop up in your feed.  Sometimes I share a photo several times a day, but I try to space them out so it's not overload.  I know your time is precious and I value that!
  • I won't stir up (or allow) drama on my feed. My Instagram feed is about creativity, grace and making moments count. It is for FUN and I, in no way, want to intentionally upset someone or stir up any drama. I want my feed to be something people enjoy looking at and because of this, I delete any comments that are derogatory or negative. If you are looking for drama or want to hate on someone, you'll have to do it somewhere else.

  • I will connect with you! I love getting to know my readers, fellow bloggers, and other creatives and I am so honored when you interact with my feed! I want to have a genuine conversation with you, so if you have something to say, let me hear it. I try to reply back to every comment I get and visit your feed  to check out what you're posting. I've met some of my best blogging friends through Instagram when we've commented on each other's photos and that is the true way to build community.
  • I will share a healthy ratio of styled photos and real, behind-the-scenes snapshots. Yes, I'll share some pretty pictures from time-to-time, but I'll also show you real moments, what goes on when I'm not sitting at my laptop writing for ASG, when I'm nerding out in my off-time. I am 100% real and you will see that on Instagram.
  • I will try to offer something encouraging every day. One of my goals in using social media is to encourage and inspire others, whether that be by posting an inspiring message or leaving some encouragement in your comments. I want people to feel good about themselves when looking at my feed and find that silver lining, even on a cloudy day. 

What is your favorite type of account (photographers, makeup gurus, bloggers...) to follow on Instagram?  

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  1. Definitely agree with the products! I did have to do it once as part of a campaign but I felt weird and din't want people to think I was pushing something. Also, I cannot post frequently! I usually tune others out when I see something constantly!

  2. We all have to push some products as part of our jobs, but it's when every. single. post. is an advertisement, that it gets old real quick. I definitely don't want to be annoying on Instagram. Thanks for stopping by to read the post, friend! :)