Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Monthly Reflections | May

What I'm currently up to in life and on the blog. #currently #takingstock #monthlyreflections

It's time to say goodbye to May but not without looking back over the month and reviewing what I've been up to around here on the blog and in life.
Lately, I've been...

Listening: thunder rolling through the mountains as I write this.
Making: stacks of books I need to read over the next few weeks. Yes, STACKS. That's plural.
Cooking:  pasta salad. It is the go-to side dish for all family gatherings and I am the designated maker.
Drinking:  water. And the occasional margarita.
Reading:  see "making" above, then my Goodreads account for the current books on my reading list.
Wanting:  life to slow down.
Looking:  up.
Playing:  with watercolors.
Wasting:  precious time working instead of sleeping. 
Wishing:  a specific door would open.
Creating: new recipes... (more on this to come)
Enjoying:  the warm sunshine.
Waiting:  still patiently, for someone special to return home. <3
Liking:  people who make me smile.
Wondering:  where I'll be this time next year.
Loving:  the new ECLP color palette. 
Hoping:  for miracles, like always.
Marvelling:  at the beauty of summer gardens.
Needing:  more time in a day.
Photographing: peonies.
Smelling:  the Garden Rain tealights in my oil burner.
Wearing:  sundresses and flipflops. (my standard summer uniform)
Following:  storm chasers on Periscope.
Noticing:  that I'm not journaling enough. This will change soon.
Knowing:  everything will work out in the end.
Thinking:  about what's next.
Bookmarking:  Whole30 recipes. Think this might be a thing in June.
Opening:  a ridiculous amount of email. I really need to start unsubscribing to some of this stuff.
Feeling:  very, very grateful.

What have you been up to in May?

The Monthly Reflections series was adapted from Taking Stock by Anna at Rich As Kings.

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