Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Sweet Sponsors | May 2016

My Sweet Sponsors | May 2016 - A Simpler Grace - A closer look at the special people who kept ASG running this month.

Here, we find ourselves at the end of yet another month and it's time to share a little about the lovely ladies who have been supporting A Simpler Grace for the last several weeks.

Each month, when I take on a new round of sponsorships, I have no idea what the month will hold, and I'm always surprised when I finish the time out with some new friends. These women are not only bloggers but run very busy lives with families and children and school and work and they still manage to be such a support system for myself and my blog. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate each of them for the impact they've had on my life.

These are the women who sponsored A Simpler Grace for the month of May.  I encourage you to stop by their blogs and say hello or follow them on one (or more) of their social media platforms.

Kayla is a wife, stay-at-home mother of three boys and full-time blogger who loves crafts, graphic design, and photography. In addition to sharing lifestyle posts, she also writes about family life and fun things like books and DIY. She has such a heart for others and for providing encouragement to those who need it. One thing I love about Kayla's blogging style is that she's not afraid to get real. I appreciate her authenticity and always enjoy reading what she has to share.

You can visit Kayla here:

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Adriana is a very busy gal from Southern California who loves music, fries (yummy!), and is a major Disney connoisseur. She is a post-grad who, on top of that and life, still manages to find time to blog several times a week about life, entertainment, and her faith. One thing that immediately drew me to Adriana, besides her fun personality and big heart, was her sense of style, which is both trendy and unique. She has been such a joy to get to know over the last month and I look forward to seeing what this girl will become in the future.

You can visit Adriana here:

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Robyn is a young, southern mama to two boys who loves shopping at Target, cooking, decorating and everything pink! She blogs about life as a single mother, including struggling with losing her first son to stillbirth and raising her second with HIE. She also shares lifestyle posts and lots of yummy recipes on her blog. Robyn is such a sweetheart who holds onto her faith even after all that life has thrown at her. She has been an inspiration to me and I'm sure many others by sharing her journey.

You can visit Robyn here:

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Thank you Kayla, Adriana, and Robyn for all you've done for me and the blog! I have loved getting to know you and read your blogs over the last month and I look forward to any opportunities we might have to work together in the future.

Thank you for taking a moment to meet the sweet ladies who sponsored A Simpler Grace for the month of May.  I hope you'll click the links above to go see what these women are all about and tell them Lecy sent you!

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