Thursday, June 30, 2016

Monthly Reflections | June

What I'm currently up to in life and on the blog. #currently #takingstock #monthlyreflections

Show of hands from those of you who are glad to see June go bah-bye!

June has been a hard month all around. I've heard it from everyone how the past several weeks have been full of trials and struggle and pain and I am hoping and praying that July will bring positive change for everyone.

Lately, I've been...

Listening: Productive Morning on Spotify. This has been the best find that was recommended by a fellow creative in a Facebook group we are both in. All instrumental music and a total boost when you need to get focused and kick butt.
Making:  plans for the future.
Cooking:  summer bbq fare! Especially my famous pasta salad, which has been requested at every family gathering for, like, eternity.
Drinking:  water. Plus that chocolate frosty from Wendy's I had the other day. That was a treat.
Reading:  Pride and Prejudice, Anna Karenina, Tuck Everlasting and Bossypants, which was so much better than I expected. For the full reading list, check out my Goodreads page and follow along.
Wanting:  this beautiful gold GRACE bracelet from Kristin Schmucker's shop. Sadly, it's currently sold out, but I'm crossing my fingers it comes back soon!
Looking:  up and keeping hope in my heart.
Playing:  with my niece and nephew before they move away in a few weeks. I will miss not being able to see them every day, but will have a good excuse to visit them as much as I can.
Wasting:  sunny afternoons by the pool. Gotta love lazy summer days.
Wishing:  for peace for all my loved ones for the rest of the year.
Creating: a grand scheme in my head. Next step is to put the plan into action.
Enjoying:  summer fruit.
Waiting:  still very patiently...
Liking:  my Instagram feed as of late. Lots and lots of inspiration to be found there.
Wondering:  why bad things happen to good people.
Loving:  some new products I received in the mail. I'll be sharing them here on the blog soon!
Hoping:  for bright things in the near future.
Marveling:  at the twinkling of fireflies in the dark corners of the yard. It's so magical to sit on the deck and watch them play in the twilight.
Writing:  a few guest posts for the next month, and on topics that I haven't discussed a whole lot here on ASG. Stay tuned for updates!
Needing:  some cuddle time.
Photographing: happy moments.
Smelling:  like a man. You know me and my adoration for cologne-scented candles...
Wearing:  lots of girly sundresses. And flip flops. Gotta have the flip flops.
Following:  the story of the Meyers family. (bring your tissues if you are meeting them for the first time)
Noticing:  that I will be ok if everyone doesn't like me. And I am ok with that.
Watching:  BookTube videos. If you are unfamiliar, these are YouTubers who make videos all about books. Yes, it's a thing.
Knowing:  that everything will work out in the end. A little faith goes a long way.
Craving:  chocolate and peanut butter.
Working:  on my yoga game. Big goals in this department. More in tomorrow's post.
Thinking:  about how much I've changed in a year. And liking it.
Bookmarking:  articles on minimalism. From Becoming Minimalist and No Sidebar. Both great resources if you are looking to narrow your scope on what is important in your life.
Opening:  the InStyle magazine that has been sitting on my nightstand for over a month. I love magazines but have been so overwhelmed by books lately that I haven't had time to enjoy a lighter read in quite some time. Tonight, I'm indulging.
Feeling:  hopeful.

What have you been up to in June?

The Monthly Reflections series was adapted from Taking Stock by Anna at Rich As Kings.

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  1. I love all of the "productive" or "focus" kind of stations on Spotify. They definitely keep me the most focused while still getting something to listen to.

  2. I can't believe that June is over. Seriously. Where did it go! I am about to hit the halfway point on the novel I'm writing, so that's super exciting. I've started drinking one cup of coffee in the morning. And making decaf iced tea in the afternoon. I'm reading every inspirational romantic suspense novel I can get my hands on (check out for this month's recommendations). I'm also enjoying summer fruit and hoping to get to the pool sometime soon--I haven't made it yet!

  3. I feel the same way about my magazines, they've been piling up while I've been buried happily in my giant pile of books. I feel like I get so much reading done during the summer. :) I loved BossyPants! Tina Fey is hilarious. I added you on GoodReads! :)

  4. Summer BBQ food is the best! I love pasta salad too! :)

  5. Book Tube? I will have to look into this :) June has been full of sunshine for us. I tried to get the boys to the pool as often as I could. I can't believe it is the end of June already! I will have to do more next month. Before we know it school will start again.

  6. I am loving all of the summer fruit right now too!

  7. I only know of the productive morning one, but if you have favorites, I'd love to hear which ones!

  8. Wow Megan. It sounds like you've been busy in June! What kind of novel are you writing? I'm working on a non-fiction book right now and just started sketching out some ideas for a cookbook. Super excited about both!

  9. Yay for new friends on Goodreads! Bossypants was really good. I loved when she shared the rules of improv and thought those could really be applied to life in general. Thanks for stopping in to say hello, Mia!

  10. Oh yeah, love me some bbq! Thanks for coming by to read Cara! :)

  11. June flew by but I'm glad July is starting. And yes, BookTube is a thing. Go on YouTube and look up some of my favorites: BooksAndQuills, Reads and Daydreams and A Case for Books. All three of those women create some great videos and share amazing book reviews and recommendations. :)

  12. Yes! Definitely one of the best things about summer - all the healthy eating I can do with yummy fruit. :)

  13. This really gets me thinking. I have been doing a lot of that lately. Maybe i should write out a list.

  14. You should, Sandy! It's great to reflect back over the month and what you accomplished (and even remember some of the fun things too)!

  15. Penny @ pennyspassion.blogspotJuly 1, 2016 at 12:10 AM

    Your magazine comment made me smile. I, too, love magazines and some sit on my nightstand for a long time before I have a chance to open them.

  16. I'm writing an inspirational romantic suspense, which is why I'm reading so many :) The cookbook and non-fiction sound like so much fun!

  17. Same here Penny! I used to have over a dozen magazine subscriptions but have stopped them all and only purchase one from the bookstore if it appeals to me. Otherwise, I'll have a pile of them and no time to enjoy them.