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A Crazy Beach Adventure | Blog-tember Day 15

Memories from a family vacation - A Crazy Beach Adventure | Blog-tember Day 15 #blogtemberchallenge

Day 15! I cannot believe we are half way through the blog-tember challenge already! Today, we are sharing a crazy adventure story with you and I wanted to share about a family beach vacation we took when I was a kid. This vacation is what instilled in me, my love for the ocean, sandy beaches, and saltwater taffy.

One thing you should understand is that growing up in a large family - I am one of nine kids - EVERY trip out the door was an adventure. We didn't go on a whole lot of long family vacations because they were impossible to plan but also super expensive with as many hotel rooms that we'd need. So, when we did go, it was definitely something write home about.

A Crazy Beach Adventure | Blog-tember Day 15 - A Simpler Grace

In  the summer of 1987, my family went to Virginia beach for the week. At the time, there were just five of us kids and I remember waking up super early when it was still dark outside, loading in the car and heading to the east to the shore. This was my first memorable trip to the beach.

On this trip, I had my first experience with that sensation of the sand washing out from under your feet when the waves pull away from shore. I had my first taste of saltwater taffy and I fell in love with thunderstorms on the beach. In fact, it was one of those thunderstorms that made this particular trip so memorable for me. 

We were staying on the fifth floor of the hotel we were in and it was early one evening when a bad storm came rolling through. I watched from the balcony door as the lightning struck the water and the dark clouds swirled around above me. Then the lightning struck again, and the power went out in the hotel. This was the days before hotels had backup generators, so we sat in the dark and waited. Nothing happened.

I can remember my parents packing us kids up to take us out to grab dinner somewhere and all of us stumbling through the dark hotel room to the stairwell because the elevators didn't work. The stairs were completely dark except for the emergency lighting near the exit doors. It was super scary for my younger siblings and I remember taking my two sisters' hands and having them sit on the stairs and scooch down them until we reached the bottom. 

Thankfully, we weren't stuck in the hotel long and the power came back on fairly quickly. I will forever remember this trip for all the wonderful things I experienced on it, but also for the crazy adventure it was escaping our dark hotel room for the daylight.

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