Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Day in the Life | Fall 2016 | Blog-tember Day 10

Hour-by-hour updates of a weekend day behind ASG - A Day in the Life | Fall 2016 | Blog-tember Day 10 #blogtemberchallenge

It's day 10 in the blog-tember challenge! That means we are sharing a look at a day in our lives. I'm going to be doing a little interactive post today and uploading an update every hour, right here! So stop by throughout the day or come by tonight to catch up on what I did today. I'd love to hear how you spent your day! Let me know what your highlights were in the comments below! Note: I was supposed to take photos throughout the day so I could share them with you, but I was so busy that I completely forgot.
7:00 AM
Wake up, promptly snooze my alarm and go right back to sleep.

8:25 AM
Wake up with a jolt when I realize I overslept and my brother texts me asking if I am up and ready to go on a little date we had made to the used book store. I very quickly jump in the shower, dress and throw my hair in a top-knot.

9:00 AM
We are on the road! An hour-long drive to the bookstore to spend the $97 credit I have there.

10:15 AM
We arrive at the bookstore and immediately separate to browse our respective favorite sections. I make my way to the classics and he goes to crime fiction and political thrillers.

11:30 AM
We meet back up and compare what we have then make our way to look for some Lord of the Rings. I might have also snatched the Twilight series. They were only $.10 each!! After we filled a cart full and loaded my arms full, we make our way to check out. This is when it get's real, yo. We snatched up about $400 worth of books for $43. Can't beat that and still have tons of credit left! We hit the road and head home again.

1:15 PM
My brother and I arrive home to grab some lunch and sit proudly surrounded by the mounds of our literary findings. We both decide we want to curl up for a nap and read.

2:00 PM
I sit down to update this post, which I've neglected all morning because of being away from my laptop. Now it's time for that nap. 

5:40 PM
Wake up from nap. Start a load of laundry. Do the dishes and scrub the kitchen counters. Fix the washing machine, which has decided to eat one of my pillows. Rewash laundry to remove the marks left from the pillow-eating episode.

7:00 PM
Listen to a podcast and water my container vegetable garden.

7:30 PM
Start a new load of laundry and put the first load in the dryer. Toss some chicken enchiladas in the oven for dinner and sit down to watch Game of Throne reruns with my brother. Then, quickly become fidgety and go sweep the kitchen. 

8:30 PM
Dinner time! And swap the laundry around again. I live for freshly washed bedsheets.

9:00 PM
Sit down to watch more GoT with my brother and text with my love, who is still out of town. Miss him...

11:15 PM
Finally sit down to finish this blog post, which feels incomplete without photos, but it is what it is. I am not the kind of girl who carries my phone around everywhere and snaps pictures unless I specifically plan to do so and today just wasn't one of those days. Almost time for bed. Goodnight, y'all!

Thanks for following along with my day! I hope you enjoyed a little peek behind-the-scenes of the blog and into my life. 

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  1. I love going to used bookstores! We have one right around the corner from our house that I used to work at (and of course bought many books because when you're sitting there for an 8 hour shift how can you not?!)

  2. Oh, I would love to work in this store we were in today! So big and soooo many titles to choose from. Thanks for stopping by, Heather!