Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall Must-Haves | Blog-tember Day 22

Fall Must-Haves | Blog-tember Day 22 #blogtemberchallenge

It's the twenty-second of the month and I'm here to share with you, my fall must-haves as part of blog-tember. It's hard to believe that summer is over and autumn is upon us, but I'm excited for the colorful foliage, pumpkins and the yummier of the year's holidays. Not to mention, it's sweater and boot weather!

Here are the things I need in my life to make it feel like fall.

A great pair of jeans - Fall is the season of jeans and these dark wash bootcuts are my favorite.

A thick book to cozy up with - Ok, I'll admit, it's usually a stack of thick books that I'm cozying up to, but I always read my favorite book during this time of the year.

Knee-high brown leather boots - Ask pretty much any gal on Instagram and she's going to agree on one thing about fall - she is excited about wearing boots and these Madden Girls are the best.

A chill in the air - I love walking outside on a fall morning and feeling that crisp chill in the air. It makes me want to take a deep breath and smell fireplaces warming up for the season, I'll be staying warm this autumn with several of these cardigans.

Pumpkin flavor - Don't tell Starbucks, but I've never been a fan of the pumpkin spice coffee drinks, I do, on the other hand, love some homemade pumpkin goodies, but when I do enjoy a purchased season treat, it's the pumpkin spice Hershey Kisses.

A big pot of chrysanthemums - I love mums. They are my birth flower and the official flower of fall. I usually get the most beautiful large pots from Costco and they end up sticking around all season.

The sound of crunching leaves under my feet - My senses come alive during the autumn season, from the smells of apple cider to the beautiful colors I see, but the best sense of all is when I hear the crunchy leaves when I walk in the yard. The best ever!

A knitting project - Usually around this time of year, I start to get a nesting thing going on and I want to do crafty things like knitting. I started working on a few projects earlier this year and I plan on completing them this fall.

Football games - Because, hello, the Green Bay Packers...  :)

A dutch oven of soup warming on the stove - I'm probably the biggest soup fan on the face of the earth and my cravings only get stronger during the cooler months. Check back tomorrow for one of my family favorite soup recipes.

What are some of your fall must-haves?

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  1. You painted such a cozy fall picture! I'm such a fan of all of those things...but especially the Packers :)

  2. Hi Lecy! I loved coming across your blog today, you have a great list of fall must haves, that is for sure! I hope your day is blessed!

  3. I didn't know mums are official fall flowers! I will keep an eye out for them!!

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment, Melissa!

  5. Elle, yes! Mums are everywhere and they are gorgeous! :)

  6. Olivia | Everyday AuthenticSeptember 25, 2016 at 6:47 PM

    So glad I stumbled upon your list, Lecy! Mums are my favorite fall flowers, too. I'm not really a fan of anything pumpkin, but love all things apple! Oh, and Go Pack Go!

  7. It's a great season for apple too! Thanks for stopping by, Olivia!