Friday, September 02, 2016

Hello September | Goals | Blog-tember Day 2

A monthly series tracking the goals I've set both in my personal and blogging life. - Hello September | Goals - A Simpler Grace #blogtemberchallenge

We  made it to Friday and the second day of the Blog-tember challenge. Today is all about setting goals, which is something I do every month. I love setting monthly goals because it gives me an opportunity to look at the big picture and break the goal into smaller steps so I can actually achieve them. Since starting my goal-setting posts here on ASG, I've been a lot more productive when it comes to work time.

My goals for August. Let's see how I did...
  • Eat clean and gluten-free all month I did pretty good on this although I did have a few drinks this month. Everything in moderation, right? I definitely surpassed my 80/20 rule, so I'm calling this a win.
  • Handwrite one note or card for a friend and work on a letter-writing project The note is written and waiting to be mailed, however, I did not have an opportunity to begin the letter-writing project. A partial win.
  • Stick to my editorial calendar for the month I did! I wrote a total of sixteen articles for the blog.
  • Complete the Blogilates 28-days of abs challenge and lose ten pounds I finished the challenge after only skipping a few days but didn't have any major weight loss
  • Devote two hours a week to something creative Meh, try again. I was so busy with other things this month I didn't get much of a chance to do much creatively, but that's alright.
  • Read eight books from my reading challenges I might have made a minor change to this goal and instead of shooting for eight books, I wanted to read fifteen. I know, it's a lot, but I DID IT!! Fifteen books read in August. Crushed it!
  • Complete the August section from my Bible-in-a-year plan and catch up on last month's Yes, I managed to catch up in my reading plan. I hope to stay on track this month so I don't fall behind again.
  • Create a football-themed recipe for a foodie blogger link up later this month Complete! You can check out my recipe for Beer & Brats Bake right here.
  • Guest post on another blog Check! I wrote about supporting a loved one who is battling addiction on
  • Try a new craft or DIY project from Pinterest No. Absolutely no time for crafty stuff this month.
  • Read sixty articles I've pinned on Pinterest Yes! Once again, I read way more than sixty, but I keep pinning more so it seems like they are never-ending.
  • Finish the blog tweaks I've been pushing off So, long story short, the blog tweaks were way larger than I had originally thought and while I did spend a whole lot of time working on one problem, I didn't get close to finishing everything. This month, though...
And my goals for September...
  • Eat clean and gluten-free all month
  • Start the letter writing project that I failed to begin last month
  • Complete the Blog-tember challenge
  • Complete the 30-day squat challenge and lose ten pounds
  • Devote two hours a week to something creative
  • Read eight books from my reading challenges
  • Complete the September section from my Bible-in-a-year plan
  • Create two recipes for my cookbook
  • Simplify my routines and life and get rid of excess
  • Try a new craft or DIY project from Pinterest
  • Read sixty articles I've pinned on Pinterest
  • Finish the rest of the blog tweaks
What goals did you set for yourself this month? 

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  1. Looks like some great goals! I love the idea of setting a goal to read/create things from Pinterest. I know it's way too easy for me to get distracted pinning things but then never looking at them again. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  2. Wow, you read 15 books?! Which were your favorites in August? Do you write posts on book reviews? Do you have a lnk for the squat challenge? I am interested in that (although my squats are saying HECK NO right now cuz they're burning from yesterday's squats, the first I have done in ages).

  3. For the past several months, I've been trying to clean out my "to read" boards on Pinterest. I'm hoping to get my boards down to articles I really enjoy and find helpful and get rid of the junk. Thanks for stopping by today!

  4. Yep, I've been busy. The highlights from my August reads were In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware and One More Thing by BJ Novak. Both were excellent! I'm attaching the graphic for the squat challenge. It's hardcore but I'm loving it!