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Memories | Blog-tember Day 27

Memories | Blog-tember Day 27 #blogtemberchallenge

Day 27. The end of the month is almost near and thus, blog-tember is almost over. Today's prompt is to share something that recently made us laugh or cry or anything that moved us in general. There have been a lot of things that have made me laugh recently, but there are far too many to choose from, so I thought I'd try the other end of the spectrum. There haven't been too many things that have made me cry lately, but there was one thing that did bring both tears of joy and tears of heartache.

This is a photo that was taken Christmas morning in 1988. This is the oldest of my younger brothers, Timmy, when he was just two and a half years old. Timmy is no longer with us (you can read his story here) and this time of year brings him to my thoughts more frequently than he is normally there.

In  fact, everyone in my family starts to think of him more around the first of autumn. You see, Timmy's favorite holiday was Christmas. Even as an adult, he loved being with family on Christmas morning and getting a stocking full of goodies and everything associated with the holiday. Around the onset of fall, he'd start getting excited about the holidays and start talking about all the things that made him love the holiday so much. His child-like joy about Christmas made it one of all of our favorite holidays. Now that he is gone, it brings with it some bittersweet feelings.

The new season hits us with loads of memories and we all end up looking back at photographs from the past and remembering the good old days when we were all present for those holiday family dinners. When we could all go to the candlelight services on Christmas Eve. When we had gifts under the tree with his name on them that we knew would be opened that morning. When we didn't have to visit a cemetery to tell our brother Merry Christmas and hang his stocking.

There are many sad tears, yes, but there are also a whole lot of happy moments. Like when I get to see my nieces and nephews, all of whom remind me of their uncle in very different ways, get to experience the joy of Christmas. When I see them grow up. When I see my siblings smiling and truly feel happy again after so many years of grief. When I see the look in my parents' eyes when they have a full house for the holidays and with that bringing full hearts.

The holidays are tough for my family, but they are also a great reminder of the amazing person my brother was and of the real reason we celebrate Christmas - the birth of one man who came to save the lives of many, including my brother who is celebrating with Him right now.

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