Friday, October 21, 2016

Links to Love | 72

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"The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude." - Friedrich Nietzsche

Happy Friday to you all!

The more I write here on ASG, the more I lean toward having an attitude of gratitude and that's what these posts on Fridays are really about - finding happiness in the little things. The little articles and videos that made me smile or cry happy tears this week. With that being said, I hope you are able to take something away from these links I share and have a grateful heart for the rest of the week.

Here are my favorite reads for the week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

From around the web:
  • Want to see the cutest thing ever? Meet Milo - the French bulldog who can't stop falling asleep.
  • If you are ever feeling a little overwhelmed with life, there is something that will put everything back into perspective. Dustin Farrell is at it again with a new landscapes video.
  • Ever wonder how the Disney princesses would look as mamas? Illustrator Isaiah Stephens did and here's nine of them as he shared on BoredPanda.
  • You know that I'm a big believer in practicing gratitude, so you must check out one writer's letter of gratitude to the people who spent the last week of his wife's life caring for her. You'll need tissues for this one.
On the blogosphere:
  • Have you ever struggled with faith? Ever doubted God? Madyson Grace recently shared an article about Sarah and trusting God when all else seemed hopeless.
  • Jeff Bethke recently invited Lysa Terkeurst to his blog to share her thoughts on the quickest way to ruin a relationship, and let me tell you, I had an aha! moment.
  • We are officially in the last quarter of the year and that means the year's reading challenges are close to wrapping up. Rachel Dawson recently shared her 13 tricks to help you read 100+ books this year. Maybe they'll help you meet your goals?
  • In 2017, I'm going to be practicing a year of minimalism and I'd love for you to join me. If you need some convincing, Lisa Avellan shares 32 things she learned in her year of minimalism.
Here on A Simpler Grace:
  • Wednesday, I shared my five tricks to try when you aren't feeling inspired.
  • On Monday, I started the week off with a grateful heart and gave you the week's best from my gratitude journal.
  • Last Thursday, I shared a recipe for my version of an apple brown betty.
  • And last Wednesday, I took you on a virtual coffee date.
And a little something new this week. A song to encourage and inspire:
  • "Sparrows" by Jason Gray

What are you loving from this week?

This post featured some of my favorite reads from the week. I was not prompted or compensated for sharing any of these links with you. If you wish to share something you've seen here, please click the link and share from the original source.

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  1. I love the Disney Princess one!!

  2. The Year of Minimalism challenge looks intriguing! I've definitely become more of a minimalist, and may have to up my game for next year;-)

  3. What a great way to share some favorite blog posts and ideas. Love this. That Meet milo seriously made my day.

  4. Doesn't he have the sweetest little face??

  5. I love these gratitude lists so much and really want to see your apple Betty recipe! Also, how cute is Milo?! That is adorable! And I read that letter that man wrote about his wife's caregivers. Yup. Went through lots of tissues with that one <3


  6. Thank you, Charlotte! And thanks for stopping by to check out the post! :)

  7. Milo is the cutest thing ever. Omg. Thanks for sharing! :)

  8. Mary Varville-RodriguezOctober 22, 2016 at 1:00 AM

    I appreciate the way you summarize your week and share the treasures you have found. Your site is very inspirational and I look forward to reading more. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Mary Varville-RodriguezOctober 22, 2016 at 1:04 AM

    I love this idea too! Sometimes life can be overwhelming with sensory overload everywhere we turn. I have been working toward keeping my home life much simpler, and welcome the challenge of making sure 2017 creates more awareness. It would be awesome to hear how others approach minimalism. I always like inspiration.

  10. He is definitely a bundle of smiles! Glad you enjoyed! :)

  11. Lovely summary of your week. You blog is beautiful.

  12. Thank you for sharing all of these great reads! I'm going to bookmark this and start checking these posts out this evening after work!