Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Hello November | Goals

A monthly series tracking the goals I've set both in my personal and blogging life. - Hello November | Goals - A Simpler Grace

Hello, November! It's going to be a very busy remainder of the year and it's good that I just spent the last few months simplifying my life. Although I have a lot more to do, it's cleared the way for me to keep my head down and work my rear off and accomplish some of these goals. Here's to finishing 2016 on a good note!

My goals for October. Let's see how I did...
  • Eat clean and gluten-free all month I kept a clean diet about half of the time in October. I really need to get better at making my health a priority. More thoughts on this in a dedicated post later this month.
  • Complete the 30-day squat challenge October was so busy that this completely slipped my mind. Giving it one last go in November and have set up daily reminders to get me through the month.
  • Devote two hours a week to something creative Yes! I did a lot of painting and some knitting and a whole lot of photography. Will keep up with this one for the remainder of the year.
  • Read eight books from my reading challenges I crushed this goal this month. With my regular reading and the books I tore through for Dewey's readathon, I read a grand total of twenty-one books in October! Woohoo!
  • Complete the October section from my Bible-in-a-year plan Done! I started my Bible-in-a-year plan at the end of April and had a goal to complete it by the end of 2016 and I am now on track to do so. I'm starting this again in January and going for the full year with daily reads this time, but am also thinking about incorporating a Bible journaling challenge in with my daily reading. Stay tuned.
  • Create two (one) recipes for my cookbook I created my Apple Brown Betty at the beginning of the month and had penciled in another recipe this last week of October, but I've been sick and thought better than to prepare food for others' consumption while I was contagious. This recipe has been moved to November's goals.
  • Try a new craft or DIY project from Pinterest Again, I had all my supplies out to do this project this last week, but I've felt like poo, so I didn't feel up to doing it. I am tacking this one on to the new month.
  • Read sixty articles that I've pinned on Pinterest Done and done. I've also realized that this is bound to be a neverending project, as I keep adding new articles to this "to-read" board on Pinterest. Thinking about a way I can wrangle this habit in and clear some of these boards up in a timely manner.
  • Complete four (two) Bible journaling entries I think I completed two entries in October, one that I did a blog post on and one that I might feature on Instagram soon. I did, however, choose some verses/passages I want to journal this month, so I'm excited about that.
  • Finish the rest of my blog tweaks This is probably one of the longest-running goals since I started doing these posts last spring, but... (wait for it) The blog tweaks are done! With the help and encouragement of my tech-whiz man, I finally checked this off my list.
  • Simplify my routines and life and get rid of excess This is a work in progress and I did a whole lot moving toward letting go of things, habits and people that were no longer bringing me joy and making me a better person. I still have some work to do in this area and there has been some interest on exactly what I'm doing, so there might be a blog post forthcoming on the topic.
And my goals for November...
  • Stick to my editorial calendar for the month
  • Eat clean and gluten-free all month, as always
  • Complete the 30-day squat challenge
  • Write 50,000+ words for National Novel Writing Month
  • Devote two hours a week to something creative
  • Read eight books for my reading challenges
  • Complete the November section from my Bible-in-a-year plan
  • Create two recipes for my cookbook
  • Try a new craft or DIY project from Pinterest
  • Read sixty articles that I've pinned on Pinterest
  • Complete three Bible journaling entries
  • Update my media kit and take steps to start monetizing the blog
  • Simplify my routines and life and get rid of excess
What goals did you set for yourself this month? 

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  1. Divya @ Eat. Teach. Blog.November 1, 2016 at 7:13 AM

    Wow! Go you! I need to sit down and make monthly goals so I am as productive as you this month! You got a lot done!

  2. GREAT JOB in October! Look at you go! Good luck with this month's goals... you'll do great!

  3. Thank you Divya! I've been so much more productive since starting to write down firm goals at the beginning of the month. I'd recommend it to everyone!

  4. Yay for accomplishing goals! Go girl! Here's to accomplishing more in November!

  5. Great job with your goals in October! You did really well! And good luck with your goals in November. :)

  6. Mary Varville-RodriguezNovember 1, 2016 at 11:54 AM

    It's a great feeling to see when the items on a to do list are crossed off. I think I'll do this for November. Thanks for sharing your inspirations. Hope November is amazing for you!

  7. You totally crushed your goals in October--all those books alone is fantastic!! I always love reading what other people have as their monthly goals, I'm always inspired by these lists :) here's to a great November!

  8. Wow! You did awesome on your October goals! Way to go!
    Good luck for this month! I'm sure you will rock it, girl!! xxx

  9. I love your goal about devoting creative time! I've been slacking in that area but I just signed up for a weekend art class that I'm so pumped about!

  10. Good for you! There are several art classes I'd like to take soon too. :)

  11. I love your goals. You inspired me to rethink a few things, I pin things but rarely make time to go back and read the articles I pin. I need to make this a habit, even knocking out a handful of pinned material a week would make a difference. Same thought could be applied to so many areas of my life. I like your 30-day squat challenge, I may have find one to join.

  12. Yes! The Pinterest thing came to my attention when I went through and tried to brand my pin boards and realized how many articles I pin with the intention to read and don't ever get to them.I'm trying to get through them all so the articles that are left are ones that are truly useful. :)

  13. These are really great goals! I have done a squat challenge before, my legs and butt were very sore but I felt great about half way through. I have also done a 7 day 100 push up challenge. The first few days are tough but I was amazed at the transformation just within 7 days. Most of my goals are blog related. I need to take a cue from you and incorporate more personal goals. Thanks!

  14. Happy November! Your goals for November seem super lofty! I hope you get everything accomplished!

  15. A push up challenge sounds interesting. I might have to try that! Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth!