Thursday, December 01, 2016

Hello December | Goals

A monthly series tracking the goals I've set both in my personal and blogging life. - Hello December | Goals - A Simpler Grace

I'm not gonna lie. November was a really hard month for me. I switched up some of my medications in the early part of the month and had some major adverse reactions to them and spent most of November feeling weak and exhausted and not wanting to do anything but sleep. It was tough to get stuff done, but I did have a few days where I was able to push myself (probably a little too hard, in hindsight) and get a few items checked off my list. With that being said, I'm giving myself some grace as I look back on my goals and realizing that none of these are life-or-death necessities and that it's ok if I wasn't able to accomplish as much as I had hoped.

My goals for November. Let's see how I did...
  • Stick to my editorial calendar for the month With the exception of sharing my Thanksgiving prep and holiday with the family on Snapchat and Instagram stories like I had originally planned, I did manage to write and post everything I had scheduled for the month. Win!
  • Eat clean and gluten-free all month I was so bad last. As soon as I hit Halloween, my mind goes into "holiday" mode and I want to enjoy all the deliciousness through the end of the year. I was very far from being clean or gluten-free in November and I paid dearly for it. Looking ahead, it is absolutely necessary for my health that I try to refrain from gluten, processed food, and refined sugars. In December, I'm going to work really hard at this goal and I plan to keep a food journal to track how I'm feeling when my diet is healthier. 
  • Complete the 30-day squat challenge Hahaha... No. Considering I could barely get my butt out of bed most of the month, there were no squats to be done. Giving this one more shot.
  • Write 50,000+ words for National Novel Writing Month I did not write a single word, but I'm not sorry about it. I began the month with high hopes of knocking out a big chunk of my first novel, but as the days passed, I began to struggle with the topic I wanted to write about. Then I started juggling two different ideas and the more and more I thought about it, the more I realized that I really want to focus on finishing my non-fiction book and getting some more work done on my cookbook before I begin writing in the fictional world. Maybe I'll be ready for next NaNoWriMo.
  • Devote two hours a week to something creative Although it didn't equate to two hours a week, I spent a few hours this month doing creative things. I did some painting and a few nights when I was in bed listening to some music or an audiobook, I pulled out one of my adult coloring books and some colored pencils and it was so relaxing. Even though I didn't meet my time goal, I am going to count this one as done.
  • Read eight books for my reading challenges According to Goodreads, I gobbled up (sorry, not sorry for the turkey reference) twelve books in November! 
  • Complete the November section from my Bible-in-a-year plan Done! I am well on my way to completing the whole Bible in less than a year!
  • Create two recipes for my cookbook Not a chance. Because there is a lot of baking and cooking involved with the Christmas holiday, I'm going to pick this goal back up in the new year.
  • Try a new craft or DIY project from Pinterest Yes! One of the projects I pinned was some watercolored stationery. I painted six abstract card and envelope sets and I'm really pleased with how they came out. I'm going to try a few more in December and if I like how they turn out, I might put a few of them together in sets and sell them in my Etsy shop!
  • Read sixty articles that I've pinned on Pinterest I read so many articles while I was resting. Probably more than a hundred. Check!
  • Complete three Bible journaling entries I didn't get a chance to get all three done, but I completed one and planned out a second. I really enjoy journaling in my Bible and will continue this goal in December and through 2017.
  • Update my media kit and take steps to start monetizing the blog This was a big goal for me as I really wanted to get the blog set up for monetization by the end of 2016 and I'm pleased to say that my media kit is finished and I'm so happy with how it turned out. On to the next step!
  • Simplify my routines and life and get rid of excess One of the things I was able to do in November was look at my priorities and routines and figure out what was important to me and what I needed to let go of. I did a whole lot of simplifying and I look forward to continuing in my goal toward minimalism in the new year.
And my goals for December...
  • Eat clean and gluten-free (I am making this a priority this month)
  • Stick to my editorial calendar for the month
  • Devote two hours a week to something creative
  • Read ten books for my reading challenges
  • Complete the December section from my Bible-in-a-year plan (I will have read the Bible in LESS than nine months!)
  • Complete the 30-day squat challenge.(last time I'm attempting this one)
  • Complete two recipes I've pinned on Pinterest (trying some new recipes for holiday dinners!)
  • Read sixty articles I've pinned on Pinterest (just two a day)
  • Complete three Bible journaling entries
  • Plan my 2017 Reading Challenges/To Be Read lists
  • Complete my two open courses for the year (as part of my 101 in 1001 project)
  • Monetize the blog!!
What goals did you set for yourself this month? 

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  1. You rocked your October goals! I am really impressed you have an editorial calendar for your blog! And great job sticking with your Bible in a year plan! I tried doing it this year and have only gotten through the OT because I have also been involved in a few Bible studies through the year and it was too hard to stick with the plan as well as doing pretty deep inductive studies in books of the Bible as well, so a slower pace (I have been working on Psalms for the past few months) seems to be better for me right now.
    Ok, I am so curious: are you working on a cookbook AND a nonfiction book AND dreaming up a novel as well?? That is awesome! I am slowly working on the first draft of my first novel (emphasis on SLOW) and its quite the process. I need to be more disciplined in carving out (turkey pun, haha) time for writing because I haven't been great at it recently.

  2. I tried reading the Bible through from beginning to end last year and failed miserably. I think because it felt like a really long book when I read it that way. This year, I'm using a plan that devotes one day a week to the different parts of the bible (law, history, poetry, prophecy, etc) You can download a printable checklist here:

    And yes, I started a nonfiction book several years ago and am taking my time as I write that. Then I decided this spring that I really wanted to write and photograph recipes for a cookbook, so that's been a work-in-progress. I had planned on starting my novel writing in November but wanted to wait for that until I get a little more work done in the other two. I'm a girl with many big plans, but sometimes I bite off more than I can chew. :)

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments! <3