Saturday, December 31, 2016

Monthly Reflections | December

What I'm currently up to in life and on the blog. #currently #takingstock #monthlyreflections - Monthly Reflections | December - A Simpler Grace

"Learn from yesterday. Live for today. Hope for tomorrow."

In just a few hours, we will in 2017. Let's just sit back and think about that a moment. I remember being a kid in the early 80's and thinking how far away the year 2000 sounded and here we are seventeen years beyond that! Somehow, I just can't seem to wrap my mind around it, but here we are.

Before I give you a peek at what I've been up to in December, I wanted to first wish you all a very happy and blessed coming year. I hope you have a great night and remember to stay safe! Happy New Year!

Lately, I've been...

Listening: The Relax & Unwind playlist on Spotify.
Making:  cookies with my nieces.
Cooking:  homemade stuffed shells (two ways) for my brother's birthday.
Drinking:  DetoxWater!! This stuff really is so good!
Reading:  SO. MANY. BOOKS. I'm finishing up Brad Meltzer's The Culper Ring series and it's amazing!
Wanting:  a relaxing New Year's Eve.
Looking:  forward to SHARE-ing more in 2017.
Playing:  catch up after having the flu last week.
Wasting:  paper in notebooks. Anyone else feel the need to write pretty lists?
Wishing:  my love could be home tonight and not across the country.
Creating: a plan for January.
Enjoying:  my new phone. :)
Waiting:  for the kettle to boil. Always. I've been drinking a lot of tea lately.
Liking:  the way I feel when I don't have to rush.
Eating:  from the AIP diet and feeling so much better. 
Wondering:  what is possible in the new year.
Loving:  early morning phone calls.
Hoping:  I can prove my doubts wrong.
Missing:  my sister and her kids.
Writing:  with more heart.
Needing:  some snow and time on the slopes.
Photographing: not enough. I need to get out with my camera.
Smelling:  bergamot & sandalwood candles.
Wearing:  yoga pants. All day, every day.
Following:  people who inspire me.
Noticing:  you get back what you put into something.
Watching:  YouTube videos about books.
Knowing:  things are going to be ok.
Craving:  gingerbread cookies.
Working:  hard at reaching my goals this new year.
Thinking:  I'm happier when I don't worry about things I have no control over.
Bookmarking:  feminist TED talks. More on this later...
Opening:  doors.
Feeling:  excited about what's to come.

What have you been up to in December?

The Monthly Reflections series was adapted from Taking Stock by Anna at Rich As Kings.

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  1. This is a super fun idea for recording the end of a year and moving into the beginning of a new year! I have done this sporadically before, but love the idea of doing it in December each year!!! :) Also, gingerbread cookies are my FAVE!!! :)

  2. I do a reflections post at the end of every month as a way to wrap-up the month. I've seen a lot of bloggers do the Currently posts but I loved how this one has so many prompts to share about. :)