Friday, January 27, 2017

Links to Love | 80

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"Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Hey! Whatdya know? It's Friday!

I don't know about you, but the last week has been a LONG one and I'm looking forward to the weekend. What are your plans for the next few days? We aren't supposed to have good weather, so I plan on staying in and doing some painting. Whatever you end up doing, I hope you have a great one!

From around the web:
  • With no formal training, Phillip Haumasser started playing around with a camera his wife bought him for his birthday and this happened...
  • You might often wonder what you can do to be more present in your daily life. Well, Nela Canovic shared with The Huffington Post her tips.
  • Phoebe Waller recently wrote an article for Bustle about the benefits of minimalism - and she gives a sneak peek at the documentary, Minimalism.
  • The Body Book contributor, Dawn McCoy, recently shared her tips for finding your light when you are in a dark time.
On the blogosphere:
  • Wow, wow, WOW! Yesterday, Ann Voskamp shared a peek at the new film, Silence, and asked the question - how do Christians today NOT deny Christ. This is a really powerful read!
  • While going through Lisa McCrohan's archive, I happened to stumble on an incredible article about raising girls to be includers and not mean girls.
  • Sometimes it's really hard to be vulnerable and honest when you are writing about personal struggles, but my friend Kayla mastered it when she shared an encouraging post about having faith the size of a mustard seed.
  • You don't see a whole lot of men writing about marriage and relationships on the internet, so I was impressed when Gerald Rogers shared twenty pieces of marriage advice he wished he knew. (Ladies, your men should read this!)
Here on A Simpler Grace:
  • Wednesday, I hopped on the #Collaboreads bandwagon and talked about a book by an author with the same name as me.
  • On Monday, I showed you a peek at my gratitude journal and shared my grateful heart!
  • Last Thursday, I wrote the latest in my letters series and dedicated it to my nieces.
  • We had an early SuperBowl party here last Wednesday and I shared the recipes for my favorite snacks for the big game. :)
What are you loving from this week?

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