Monday, January 02, 2017

Simple Gratitude | 58

Sharing my #gratefulheart this first Monday of the #newyear - Simple Gratitude | 58 - A Simpler Grace

We are officially in the first work week of the new year. How are you feeling this morning? Tired and hungover or pumped and ready to tackle this new month and all it holds? I'll admit, I'm feeling a little tired from all the holiday hustle of the last few weeks but I'm not going to let that stop me from getting things done. 

It's my first gratitude post of the new year and you might have noticed something a little different. Emily over at Ember Grey has decided to take a little break from the blogging world so she can focus some time on her family and other interests... So, we won't be linking up with her on Mondays anymore. Sad face, but definitely cheering her on in her goals for this new year! That being said, I'd still love to hear what you're grateful for in the comments below. :)

This week, I'm grateful for:
  • Ringing in the new year with my family. My sister and her kids came for a little impromptu party for the evening and we enjoyed some snacks and danced away 2016. It was so fun to get to spend some time with them and just relax on the last evening of the old year. 
  • A small miracle. This might seem minuscule to some, but a prescription I've been fighting with my insurance company to cover was just approved, out of the blue. This is a life-saving injection (similar to an epi-pen) and an absolute necessity with my condition. I don't know how this happened but I am grateful, all the same.
  • Amazing friends I've met through blogging. I've met a lot of people because of this blog but there are a select few that I've really connected with and one of them is the sweet Kayla from The Accidental Nomad Life. She has been so encouraging to me lately and I am beyond grateful to have her in my life. <3
  • Lazy Sunday naps. I used the first day of the year as a reset day for me and napped ALL. DAY. LONG. I didn't make any plans for the day and just relaxed. It was lovely and I'm feeling rested and ready for the busy week.
  • Leaning in and loving through the complications. Life can become arduous sometimes and I appreciate when someone chooses to make an effort and fight for what is in their heart, in spite of the complicated. Grateful for those sparkly blues... 
What are you grateful for this week?

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  1. I am so happy that your prescription is now covered. Isn't that the best. (Visiting from Ember Grey)

  2. I am too! Thanks for stopping by, Brittany!

  3. Awe! Lecy! <3 I'm so glad I can be an encouragement to you!!! <3 My favorite thing is encouraging my friends. I'm so glad we've connected!!!