Wednesday, February 15, 2017

100 Things I'd Rather Hold Than My Phone

A list of 100 things I'd rather hold than my phone #asimplergrace

I have a confession to make. I'm addicted to my phone. Like many others of this generation, I am unable to set my phone down and focus on more important things for a span of time greater than ten minutes. Last weekend, I had intended to unplug from all technology and enjoy a weekend away. I even announced it on my social media channels to let everyone know they shouldn't expect an immediate response, should they contact me. I responded to notifications fifteen minutes later.

Being so addicted to a piece of technology inhibits me from enjoying life to the fullest. It keeps me from getting outside, exploring new places, meeting new people, picking up and touching new things. After pondering my dilemma for a few days, I want to try to cultivate some healthier habits in 2017. Inspired by Rachel's post, I've made a list of a hundred things I'd rather hold than my phone. My goal is to check off as many of these things as possible this year.

HERE ARE 100 THINGS I'D RATHER HOLD THAN MY PHONE (in no particular order):
  1. A stack of books
  2. My love's hand
  3. Sand from the beach
  4. A sparkler on Independence Day
  5. A snowball
  6. A butterfly
  7. Seashells
  8. The handles of a bicycle
  9. A telescope
  10. Seeds for my vegetable garden
  11. A mug of my favorite pomegranate green tea
  12. My camera
  13. A stack of brightly colored autumn leaves
  14. My Bible
  15. A peach picked fresh from a tree
  16. Highlighters and a steno notebook
  17. An old map
  18. A bouquet of handpicked daisies
  19. Sidewalk chalk when drawing hopscotch boards with my niece
  20. A glass of white zinfandel
  21. A pumpkin
  22. Pieces of sea glass
  23. A box of matches and my favorite candle
  24. Crumbly pastels and charcoals
  25. Vinyl records
  26. A glass of bourbon
  27. My favorite lip balm
  28. Old photographs
  29. My library card
  30. A dandelion stem as I blow seeds into the wind
  31. A newspaper
  32. Fresh herbs from my garden
  33. A piece of driftwood from the bay
  34. A magnifying glass
  35. A cookbook
  36. A snow cone
  37. A gift for someone
  38. A baby
  39. A wand to blow bubbles
  40. A lamb's ear leaf
  41. Knitting needles and a skein of yard
  42. A kitten
  43. A canvas bag from my farmer's market
  44. A wristwatch (that I'll need because I won't have my phone to tell the time)
  45. My journal
  46. A burrito
  47. My pink yoga mat
  48. Movie tickets
  49. A book of Sudoku puzzles
  50. Gardening tools
  51. A handwritten letter from a friend
  52. A slice of New York style pizza
  53. A succulent
  54. Antique keys
  55. A wooden spoon while cooking for someone I love
  56. Bottles of essential oils
  57. My favorite children's books
  58. A deck of cards
  59. Pinecones
  60. My Day Designer
  61. A creature I've never touched before
  62. My sketch pad
  63. Magazines
  64. A fishing pole
  65. Notecards full of research topics
  66. A paintbrush
  67. A stack of essays I've written
  68. College textbooks
  69. A tube of sunscreen
  70. Compassion kits for the homeless
  71. River rocks
  72. A roll of film
  73. My antique tea china collection
  74. A stack of recipe cards that date back generations in my family
  75. Colored pencils
  76. A puppy
  77. Blank canvases and tubes of paint
  78. A picnic basket
  79. A branch of pussy willows
  80. Tickets to the ballet
  81. Clay while throwing on a potter's wheel
  82. The handle of a vacuum cleaner
  83. A popsicle
  84. My forty-year-old (and two generation) plush dog, Marcus
  85. Ocean water
  86. A brown-bagged lunch
  87. A stick to roast marshmallows on around a bonfire
  88. My favorite Pilot G2 pens and a stack of composition books
  89. Sketches for my next tattoo(s)
  90. An apple
  91. A bar of Irish Spring soap
  92. Christmas ornaments
  93. A colorful umbrella while out for a walk on a rainy day
  94. My favorite pieces of jewelry
  95. A pair of aviator sunglasses
  96. Fortune cookies
  97. My Kindle
  98. A handful of saltwater taffy
  99. A wedge of Parmesan cheese
  100. My water bottle
So there are a few things I'd rather have in my hands than my phone. Although I do adore my iPhone, I'm going to focus a lot of time this year on setting it down more often and picking up some of the items listed above. I'm also going to attempt to schedule in more unplug weekends that I can spend traveling and exploring with friends and loved ones.

Do you have a problem with holding your phone too much? I'd love to hear a few things you'd rather hold than your phone. Or better yet, if you are inspired to write your own list of a hundred things, I'd love it if you would share it with me!

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  1. What a great post idea!! I am addicted to my phone too, and last night had to get on to my husband several times for pulling his out during the movie we were watching.

  2. It's really sad that we can't seem to function without them. I don't know how we survived thirty years ago!