Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Monthly Reflections | May

What I'm currently up to in life and on the blog. #currently #takingstock #monthlyreflections

I cannot believe we are here already. Where has May gone? It's been a good month with lots of highs and a few lows but alas, it is time to say goodbye. I'm excited to jump into summer with a clean slate and lots of big plans up my sleeve. How was May for you?

My verse of the month: "Does he not certainly speak for our sake? It was written for our sake, because the plowman should plow in hope and the thresher thresh in hope of sharing in the crop." - I Corinthians 9:10 (ESV)

My SHARE action this month: Create a digital or printable download to share with my readers.

Lately, I've been...

Listening: Ludovico Einaudi's Nuvole Bianche. It's a gorgeous, peaceful piece of music and it's helped me breathe through some stressful moments.
Making:  plans.
Cooking:  pasta salad. It's summertime and the old family favorite is back in rotation for all the barbecues.
Drinking:  water.
Reading:  some very interesting books. (Psst! Are we friends on Goodreads?)
Wanting:  about seven more hours in a day.
Looking:  for shooting stars.
Playing:  geography quizzes. Sorry, my nerd is showing.
Wasting:  lip balm. I swear I reapply even when I don't need it. Anyone else have this habit?
Wishing:  miles could be meters.
Creating: mindmaps for writing projects.
Enjoying:  rainy evenings.
Waiting:  to see if five year plans pan out.
Liking:  having a reason to smile when I wake up in the morning.
Eating:  strawberries, cherries and grapes. Can NOT get enough.
Wondering:  how many books I'll be able to read this month. Big goals, y'all. Big goals.
Loving:  freshly laundered bedsheets.
Hoping:  we get a lot of pool days this month.
Missing:  Shameless binges.
Writing:  shorts stories for #The100DayProject.
Needing:  to say things that I cannot yet find words for.
Photographing: myself. EEK! Just did new headshots for the blog.
Smelling:  swimming pools, suntan lotion and burgers on the grill.
Wearing:  yoga pants. I'll probably be buried in a pair.
Following:  all the ASMR accounts on Instagram. I swear, this is the best thing since gluten-free bread.
Noticing:  how much better my head feels after getting six inches of hair cut off. Migraines, be gone!
Watching:  Below Deck Med. Finished the first season last month and loving the second season.
Knowing:  everything happens for a reason.
Craving:  jelly beans
Working:  on some articles for other blogs I'm collaborating with soon.
Thinking:  about a beach in Turks and Caicos.
Bookmarking:  new fitness routines. Working hard to get these steroid pounds off. 
Opening:  new packs of Sharpie highlighters. I get excited about the simple things.
Feeling:  adored.

What have you been up to in May?

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  1. I have the lip balm problem! I think it's habit. My son started using chapstick a lot too although he has severe OCD and it's become part of his compulsion - So I had to stop using my lip balm in order to help him overcome his compulsion. I didn't realize how much I was actually using it! MAN!
    I chopped all my hair off - I call it my angry cut. I literally walked in to my hair dresser angry one day and told her to chop it off. We laughed and laughed as she cut the damn hair off. I miss it.
    Steroids are the worst for pounds. I used to take them for my pain flare ups but now they make me hallucinate so I don't take them anymore **EEKS! You got this girl!!!
    I love pens and notebooks and simple things. Whatever makes you happy :)

  2. One thing I've noticed about Chapstick is that it has alcohol in it and it dries my lips out terribly. I have to stick with alcohol free brands. I love Burt's Bees original but one of my new favorites is from the brand Hempz, which has a lip balm collection that only comes out during the holidays at Ulta. So good! I have often wanted to do an angry hair cut but I know I'd regret it, so I always make myself wait until I calm down. Thanks for stopping by to read, Kimberly. Hope you have a great week!

  3. I totally have the same lip balm problem... I swear, I have tins and sticks of them EVERYWHERE. In every coat/jacket. In all the purses. In my car. On the dining room table, where I work. I'm glad I'm not the only one :)

    SO excited for the month of June and it sounds like you have some fun things in the works! Excited to see your new headshots, and LOL I'll likely get buried in my yoga wear, too :) XOXO and here's to a great June <3

  4. Haha, we need a lip balm addiction group. I have a jar of them on my dresser and have one in my purse and one in my nightstand. I make myself use those up before starting a new one. :D

  5. Yessss, I'm wondering how many books I'll fit in for June too. I'm aiming for 5!
    I just chopped a whole bunch of hair off too and it feels wonderful! :)

  6. It's so nice having a haircut before the weather gets too hot. And yay for summer reading! :)

  7. Pasta salad is so yummy in the summer! I am missing binge watching Shameless too. I love that show so much.

  8. what a fun round up! I agree, everything happens for a reason :)

  9. Thanks for coming by to read, Caroline! :)

  10. Love this post and all of your reflections! I'm also wishing there were 7 more hours in the day!! Can you imagine how much more we'd be able to do with just a few extra hours?!

    Kristen |

  11. Oh, I could do so much! And the naps I could take... :) Hope you have a great day, Kristen!

  12. Love how you laid out this post and find it inspiring my own creativity. What a fun post!

  13. Thank you so much! I'm glad you were inspired by it. :)

  14. I just followed you on GoodReads -- I can't wait to see what you're reading these days! I'm with you on all the fresh fruit and yoga pants. I need a good summer alternative -- yoga shorts?

  15. Gah, steroid pounds are all too real. Isn't it crazy how a tiny pill can have so many effects on our body (both positive and negative) when taken for a certain amount of time?

    Also, I'm with you on the pasta salad. I'm not usually a fan of pasta salad BUT lately I've been eating it with sundried tomatoes and it's SO DELICIOUS. Next, I want to see how capers would taste in it.....

  16. Yes to the smell of grilling and pooltime! I'm so glad summer time is almost upon us! :)

  17. Yay! I love making new Goodreads friends. :) And yoga shorts might be a good option. Hope you had a great day, Brittany!

  18. Ooooh, sundried tomatoes sound amazing. Maybe I'll try that next time I make it!

  19. So much yes to knowing everything happens for a reason!

  20. Sharpies are my favorite thing in the world... new pens are always super exciting <3

  21. New pens (office supplies, in general) make me so happy. :)

  22. I love opening up new office supplies. I'm such a total nerd for that kind of thing. I love your monthly reflections. It's such a great way to get to know you better!

  23. Yep, I'm definitely a member of the office supply nerd club. Hope you are having a great week!