Friday, June 30, 2017

Monthly Reflections | June

What I'm currently up to in life and on the blog. #currently #takingstock #monthlyreflections

Hey friends. I've been MIA for a little while but wanted to come back and wrap up the month in this post since I haven't been sharing anything here on the blog or on social media. First, I wanted to thank everyone who has emailed and messaged me with encouragement. It's been a tough month and I'm really grateful to have so many amazing friends who have been keeping tabs on me. You guys are the best. I'm hoping to be back in July with a normal posting schedule, but for now, I'm taking things one day at a time and we'll see how it goes. Hope you have had a great June!

My verse of the month: "One gives freely yet grows all the richer; another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want. Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered." Proverbs 11:24-25 (ESV)

My SHARE action this month: Do something selflessly for someone else.

Lately, I've been...

Listening: "Ends of the Earth" by Lord Huron from the Shameless season 3 soundtrack.
Making:  lists of books I want to read in the next few weeks.
Cooking:  comfort food.
Drinking:  DetoxWater and regular water.
Reading:  Roxane Gay's Bad Feminist, The Hobbit and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer/Huckleberry Finn.
Wanting:  some energy so I can at least get some work done, but I'm oh so tired.
Looking:  for clarity.
Playing:  catch up on some projects and trying to meet some deadlines.
Wasting:  time.
Wishing:  two points on the map to not be so far apart.
Creating: not a whole lot. The creative side of my brain has been on vacation lately.
Enjoying:  conversations with a friend I've missed lately.
Waiting:  for something that may never come...
Liking:  foam rolling. When everything hurts, it feels amazing.
Eating:  fruit, and a lot of it.
Wondering:  where I'll be in six months.
Loving:  being able to take some time to hit the reset button.
Hoping:  this is real.
Missing:  the old days.
Writing: more this week than I've written in the last month.
Needing:  cuddle time.
Photographing: nature for thirty days.
Smelling:  my eucalyptus mint candle.
Wearing:  my hair in a top knot because it's so curly, I can't do anything else with it.
Following:  the lines and connecting the dots.
Noticing:  my synesthesia is back. Colors are everywhere. Maybe a post about this in the future?
Watching:  YouTube vids. Late to the game, but I love Ash and Grace Hardell's vlogs.
Knowing:  love can make anyone change.
Craving:  salt.
Working:  on finishing up the Spanish section on Duolingo and moving onto French. I'll be able to ask for the bathroom or cheese on my salad in multiple languages.
Thinking:  about how much I love learning from every experience and every person I encounter.
Bookmarking:  finger tattoo ideas.
Opening:  a notebook and transcribing what's in my head onto the paper.
Feeling:  hopeful.

What have you been up to in June?

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  1. I really loved Bad Feminist. I'm meeting her in about a week for her new memoir and I can't wait! Ooh finger tattoos! I'm sure there are some really good ones. Hope you find something you like!


  2. Comfort food sounds so good right now!

  3. So glad that you're back. I've missed reading your posts because I can always relate to them. Sending you lots of virtual hugs.

    Have you tried Rosetta Stone before? I've never tried DuoLingo, so trying to see how the 2 compare.

  4. Good to see you back. Salt is my vice, too.

  5. Love this! Time's flying too fast so taking some time to reflect is great!

  6. Yay for finger tattoos! YouTube is so addictive. :)

  7. I'll have to check that song out. I've only heard the one that I know of. And the finger tattoos are ring ideas. Still trying to decide if I want a symbol or roman numerals or just a band. There's another person getting one with me, so we'll see what the final decision is. :) Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a lovely weekend, friend! <3

  8. I've already read it a few times but it's so good and there are so many powerful messages in it, I feel it deserves a read every so often. Have a great weekend, Lauren!

  9. Thanks Mia! I've missed writing but just couldn't get my heart in it the last few weeks so it was best to step back. I'm also working on something to submit to H&L. :)
    I tried Rosetta Stone a few years ago and didn't find that I was able to learn as much as Duolingo. I remember you could only get so much from the free app. I don't know if it's still that way now or not. I love Duo. You can easily switch back and forth between languages and in addition to learning words/phrases and how they are used in proper sentence structure, you can also have conversations with their bots in various situations, so it's fun to get some real life practice.

  10. Thanks, friend!! Give me all the salt. :)

  11. I agree, Rachel. Thanks for coming by today!

  12. can't wait to hear all about the ring tattoo idea when you guys figure something out <3 How exciting!!

    XOXO and happy 4th!