Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Setting Intentions for a New Year | Day Designer January 2018 Launch

Taking a look at the new Day Designer 2018 Flagship Collection launch! #affiliate #daydesigner @daydesigner

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It's one of my favorite times of the year! I love when the days start getting cooler and school supplies come out and take center stage at my local Target. The best part of this season is when the new planners launch for the coming year!

As you probably know, most planners come in two styles: academic and calendar year. Some people enjoy having a new planner at the beginning of the new school year, but I am a January-to-December type of gal and I'm so excited to help announce the launch of Day Designers 2018 Flagship Collection calendar year planners! They go on sale today at 11:00 a.m. CST!

In the past, I have used every type of planner known to man but The Day Designer is, by far, my favorite. They have so many fun designs to choose from. Last year, I had the "Black Spotty" but I'm really thinking about snatching a "White Marble." Then again, I do love the classic "Black Stripe." I'm going to have a difficult time choosing just one!

The cute covers are not the only good thing about the Day Designer Flagship Collection planners. They have an awesome layout that helps you keep track of your day, week and month. The simple design doesn't make the pages overwhelming like many other planning systems but allows you to list the important tasks you need to complete and special events you need to remember. Below is a peek at the daily planning page.

I like to get my Day Designer early and think about the goals I will set for myself in the coming year. I go ahead and dig into my planner and block out important dates like travel and vacation times, birthdays and anniversaries as well as appointments I've scheduled in advance. Then I work on goal setting and pencil in the steps I need to take to meet my goals. It's important for me to be intentional when planning out my new year. I will only take on new commitments that will help me become a better person and my Day Designer keeps me organized and helps me meet those commitments.

The 2018 Flagship Collection launches today at 11 a.m. CST! If you are a long-time Day Designer lover or you'd like to try one for the first time, place your order today. These babies sell out quickly - especially the favorite prints like the "Bloom Where You're Planted" and "Jungle Out There" so don't miss out. Grab yours today!

Which of the 2018 Flagship Collection covers is your favorite?

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  1. I love that they have daily planners! It's hard to find anywhere else. I need lots of room for stuff each day, so weekly planners don't really cut it for me. I think the "Palm" is my favorite cover, so pretty! I'm interested to see which one you pick. :)

  2. I could never use weekly planners either. I have way too much to keep track of every day!

  3. I love it when new planners launch!

  4. Nice! I'm "a January-to-December type of gal" also.