Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Hello August | Goals

I'm sharing my goals for August and reviewing how I did in July. #goals

Hellloooooooo August! I don't know about you, but July was a frustrating month for me. Nothing seemed to go right and I couldn't catch a break. I'm excited for the new month and, I can't lie, I'm getting really excited for fall to get here. This might prove how much of a nerdy foodie I am, but I actually caught myself daydreaming about Thanksgiving dinner the other day. It's my favorite holiday and this year, it also happens to be my birthday. Also, who gets excited when all the school supplies are on display at every store?

My goals for July. Let's see how I did...
  • Eat clean and gluten-free every day this month I did fairly well on this goal, but there were some days (mainly family gatherings) where I cheated. I think I probably stuck with my 80/20 rule, which is good enough for me.
  • Workout every day this month and swim as much as possible No. I had to change my medication doses last month and my body takes a while to rebalance after these changes. I was extremely tired and dealt with a lot of general pain, so I listened to my body and took it easy. I did a lot of stretching and yoga so it won't be painful to start back up with my workout routine this month.
  • Stick to my editorial calendar I canned a few posts last month because of the health issues. I just wasn't feeling it those days. This is difficult for me. I like to think of my blog as a full-time endeavor and in the past, I've beat myself up for not posting every time I planned to. Now, I have to remind myself that no one is going to die if I skip a post occasionally and it is alright for me to take a break if I need it.
  • Read twenty books I read fourteen books and reread two books in July, making my yearly count 104 (+ the re-reads, which Goodreads doesn't count in the yearly total).
  • Devote one hour a week to something creative Meh. This did not happen.
  • Complete the July Bible-in-a-year section Yes! July is done and I'm now more than halfway through my second full read of the Bible!
  • Complete two Bible journaling entries Nope, didn't get to journal this time around.
  • Write four freelance articles and plan out three others Again, no.
  • Make one recipe I've pinned on Pinterest Nope.
  • Do two DIY/craft projects I've pinned on Pinterest Not a chance.
  • Complete one open course Yes! I worked through a nutrition course and learned a lot.
  • Photograph and research my antique tea china Didn't complete this project but I hope to get to it this month.
  • Build up my social media calendar and share lots of posts by fellow bloggers Yes! I got a lot scheduled on my calendar. On that note, can any of my blogging friends recommend a good Facebook content scheduler? I've been using Hootsuite but they are no longer doing content previews. Is this the case across the board? Help!
  • Update older post photos Yes!! This was one project I was able to get a lot of work done on while I was under the weather. I got most of my posts done but I still have to go through some of the older entries on my longer series and finish those images. I'm so excited to have cohesive header images now!
  • Update my email newsletter I got some work done on the bones of my new newsletter but I haven't actually put it to work yet. I'll finish this project this month.
My verse for August: "They are to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share." I Timothy 6:18 (ESV)

My SHARE action for this month: Share a secret. 

And my goals for August...
  • Eat clean and gluten-free every day this month
  • Workout every day this month
  • Stick to my editorial calendar
  • Read twenty books and finish my Ancient Classic & Greek Mythology list
  • Complete the August Bible-in-a-year section
  • Complete two Bible journaling entries
  • Write four freelance articles and outline three others
  • Devote one hour a week to something creative
  • Make two recipes I've pinned on Pinterest
  • Do two DIY/craft projects I've pinned on Pinterest
  • Photograph and research my antique tea china
  • Update my email newsletter
  • Complete one open course
  • Do portraits of the cats (One is 16 years old and might be on the last of his nine lives)
  • Do something that scares me
  • Watch the Perseids meteor shower (8/12/17-8/13/17) and the total solar eclipse (8/21/17)
What goals did you set for yourself this month? 

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  1. Wow! That is a huge list of goals for the month! I hope you achieve all of them! I need to read more this month!

  2. Thanks, friend! I packed them in this month, but I'm hoping to get a few accomplished!

  3. I feel like you accomplished a lot in July! I truly need to add more reading for fun into my own life. Also, although you state you didn't do anything creative - I count my blog as a creative outlet and think you should too!! Here's to a great July!!

  4. That's a great idea, Sheryl! I never thought about how my blog posts are something creative. :)

  5. You did a lot!! And I love your honesty with what you were not able to get to this month. It happens. The list was pretty big. 14 books?? I am only at 2. xxoo

  6. Well hello November birthday twin! Almost that is. My birthday is the 25th. But some years my birthday falls on Thanksgiving too. And it is also my favorite holiday! I think you got a lot done in July and your goals for August look great!

  7. One of the things I promised myself when I started this goal series was that I would always be honest when checking off these items at the end of the month. I will only make progress if I am counting the things I am truly completing and these things are helping me grow as a person. :)

  8. It's always fun finding a birthday twin! I get to hear eeeeevery year about how my mother missed her pumpkin pie because she was in labor with me for 72 hours. I think anyone born on or around a holiday must experience this at some point. :D

  9. 20 books? Are some of those audiobooks?

  10. Get it girl! You still accomplished a lot last month. I know you'll crush your goals in August. I'm going to join you in *attempting* to make a recipe or two from Pinterest!!

  11. I do listen to a lot of audiobooks but many of them are Kindle or hardcovers.

  12. Thanks, Kristen! I can't wait to hear what you make from Pinterest. I have so many recipes I want to try!

  13. I'm sorry July was so frustrating. :( But it's a brand new month! New opportunities to kick butt and take names. :) I'll cheer you on! You got this.

  14. Wow, these are such wonderful goals. I appreciate your honesty and am so glad to see you were able to accomplish so many goals! Good luck on your August goals!

  15. I'm impressed you read so many books! You must be a fast reader. I take forever to finish a book.

  16. I love reading and spend a lot of time doing it!

  17. I think you did really well on July goals. If I'm scheduling for Facebook, I usually use Buffer! I don't know if that works for what you want or not though.


  18. Thanks, Lauren! I've never tried Buffer before but I might give it a try. :)

  19. Make one thing I've pinned on pinterest - NEVER
    I love that.....girl give yourself slack on the pinterest part. Because does anyone make anything off of pinterest? Does anyone have time? IF they do, where is this super robot woman? Just kidding.
    I am jealous though that you read 14 books! That's phenomenal!
    Now I want to know that one thing that scares you that you're going to do!!

  20. At the beginning of this year, I set a goal for myself to go through all my Pinterest boards and read all the articles I'd pinned and get rid of anything that had dead links or inaccurate information. That, I checked off this spring. I also set a goal to make 10 recipes and 10 DIY/craft projects I've pinned. I've made 7 recipes so far and 2 of the DIY projects. I wanted to make a point that you can actually do something with all that stuff you pin on Pinterest! :)

  21. Best of luck, Lecy! You have some awesome goals - happy August!

  22. Thanks, Summer! Hope you have a happy August too!