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What I Read | August + FREE Fall Reading List Printable

A look back at what I read last month. #ASGbookshelf #whatIread

Hey, bookworms! It's time to chat about the books we read in August. I have quite a list and there are so many good books on it, so I can't wait to share those with you. Also, since we are beginning a new season, that means I have a new colorful reading list printable as a special gift just for you. It's my way to thank you for being a loyal reader. There are more details about how to download your own copy later in this post. Now, let's jump into the books!

Must Read

As You Wish by Cary Elwes | ★★★★★
From actor Cary Elwes, who played the iconic role of Westley in The Princess Bride, comes a first-person account and behind-the-scenes look at the making of the cult classic film filled with never-before-told stories, exclusive photographs, and interviews with costars Robin Wright, Wallace Shawn, Billy Crystal, Christopher Guest, and Mandy Patinkin, as well as author and screenwriter William Goldman, producer Norman Lear, and director Rob Reiner.

The Princess Bride has been a family favorite for close to three decades. Ranked by the American Film Institute as one of the top 100 Greatest Love Stories and by the Writers Guild of America as one of the top 100 screenplays of all time, The Princess Bride will continue to resonate with audiences for years to come.

Cary Elwes was inspired to share his memories and give fans an unprecedented look into the creation of the film while participating in the twenty-fifth-anniversary cast reunion. In As You Wish he has created an enchanting experience; in addition to never-before seen photos and interviews with his fellow cast mates, there are plenty of set secrets and backstage stories.

With a foreword by Rob Reiner and a limited edition original poster by acclaimed artist Shepard Fairey, As You Wish is a must-have for all fans of this beloved film. - Goodreads description

This. Was. Magical. 

Cary Elwes said in the book that he remembered the filming of The Princess Bride as if it had happened yesterday and with only the help of the daily call sheets from the set, he sat down and wrote the memoir nearly a quarter of a century later. 

The only way I can describe this book is to compare it to having a best friend who is an actor and this friend sneaks you on set during the filming of an epic movie. There are so many fun behind-the-scenes stories he shares, but there are also dozens of snippets from director Rob Reiner, screenwriter, Bill Goldman and the other actors from the film where they each share their own fond memories. 

Cary's writing is both witty and endearing and his great respect for his fellow artists on this project shines through. He also managed to collect tons of photos from the set that he shares in this book. A true treasure to any TPB fan. 

Sadly, I only borrowed the Kindle book from my library so I have to give it back, but I will be purchasing my own copy of the physical book to add to my collection. What a treat this is!


The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon | ★★★★
West Hall, Vermont, has always been a town of strange disappearances and old legends. The most mysterious is that of Sara Harrison Shea, who, in 1908, was found dead in the field behind her house just months after the tragic death of her daughter, Gertie. Now, in present day, nineteen-year-old Ruthie lives in Sara's farmhouse with her mother, Alice, and her younger sister, Fawn. Alice has always insisted that they live off the grid, a decision that suddenly proves perilous when Ruthie wakes up one morning to find that Alice has vanished without a trace. Searching for clues, she is startled to find a copy of Sara Harrison Shea's diary hidden beneath the floorboards of her mother's bedroom. As Ruthie gets sucked deeper into the mystery of Sara's fate, she discovers that she's not the only person who's desperately looking for someone that they've lost. But she may be the only one who can stop history from repeating itself. - Goodreads description

I was really impressed with this book. It is not in a genre I typically read but I'm glad I gave it a try. Jennifer McMahon writes up a lovely mixture of multigenerational family saga storytelling, haunted ghost tales, and the eerie side of magical realism. The chapters swap narration between several of the main characters, one of which is told through journal entries from 1908, and each narrator has a clear and distinct voice throughout the book. Very well written!

Other mentions for the month of August:
The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein (re-read)  | ★★★★★
The Princess Bride by William Goldman  | ★★★★★
Hunger by Roxane Gay (re-read)  | ★★★★★
Us by David Nicholls  | ★★★★
The Twelve Caesars by Suetonius  | ★★★★
Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley  | ★★★★
Keep You Safe by Melissa Hill  | ★★★★
Along Came a Spider by James Patterson  | ★★★☆☆
Band of Brothers by Stephen E. Ambrose  | ★★★
Letters to Jackie by Ellen Fitzpatrick  | ★★★
Cleopatra's Daughter by Michelle Moran  | ★★★
Facing the Wave by Gretel Ehrlich  | ★★★
Watch Me Disappear by Janelle Brown  | ★★☆☆
Fifty Shades Darker by E.L. James (re-read) | ★★☆☆☆
Fifty Shades Freed by E.L. James (re-read) | ☆☆☆☆

Now, as promised, I created another quarterly reading list for the fall and you can download it for free at the link below. I love printing several copies off and keeping track of all the books I want to read for the coming season because we all know I have big reading goals!

What I Read | August + FREE Fall Reading List Printable - A Simpler Grace

What did you enjoy reading last month?

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  1. I am floored by your list. I wish I could have read that much in August (or any month)! I am a slow reader, though, because I like to soak up every last morsel of scenery and emotion in a book. At the same time, it breaks my heart to know that so many books exist which I will never have a chance to read before I die.

    Ok, enough melancholy. I recently finished the book 'Compulsion' part of the Heirs of Watson Island series. It;s nice light reading before bed. I'm working simultaneously on about 6 others though haha.

    I must say I've never read any of the books you read last month!

  2. The Winter People sounds really interesting! I need to add that to my list for next time I go to the library!

  3. I devour books morning, noon and night but I know the feeling of having tons of books I'll never get the chance to read. Thanks for stopping by today, Amy-Lynn! :)

  4. That one surprised me. I wasn't expecting much, but I couldn't put it down once I started!

  5. I've been wanting to read As You Wish! We got a copy for my father in law for Christmas last year so I am sure if I ask him he'll let me read it. I adore the Princess Bride.

  6. It is SO GOOD. If you love The Princess Bride, this book will give you all kinds of little tidbits about what really happened behind the scenes. I definitely recommend it!

  7. I do want to read As You Wish - I'm glad you loved it so much!! I have a copy of Hunger that I need to read soon!! I see on your printable, you have We are the Ants. I hope you love it. It's a favorite of mine. :) Thanks for the printable in general - how fun!


  8. Hunger is so good. I need to pick up a paper copy so I can go through it with a highlighter. We Are the Ants is one of the books I chose for the Read Harder challenge (LGBT author option) and I thought it sounded really interesting. Plus, the cover is gorgeous!

  9. I have loved the princess bride, such a great book!

  10. I do too. The movie is one of my favorites!

  11. I love The Princess Bride! Thank you so much for sharing this Fall reading list. I put down As You Wish and The Winter People on my to read list.

  12. Wow, you read so many books! I wish I was able to read more since I love it so much.

  13. Thanks so much for your reviews... as always, so many books that I haven't read (but which are now bookmarked! )

  14. I didn't realize that The Princess Bride was a book! I thought it was just a movie. lol. I'm still working through Harry Potter very slowly. lol

  15. I love to read! So I need to add pretty much all of these books to my Goodreads account haha

    The Felicia Renee | a minimalist lifestyle & beauty blog

  16. You're so welcome! I'm glad you can use it!

  17. Great! I hope you find a few that you like!

  18. Yes! The movie was based on the book and was screen-written by the author, William Goldman. I'm on my first run of Harry Potter and really like it. :)

  19. Penny @ pennyspassion.blogspotSeptember 7, 2017 at 7:00 AM

    I loved The Art of Racing in the Rain!! One of my favorites. Thanks for the reading list. It's great to get recommendations.

  20. Great list. I'm always looking for new books and your recommendations carry weight.

  21. I've been looking at As You Wish for so long. I don't know why I haven't picked it up yet. It sounds FANTASTIC!

  22. The Art of Racing in the Rain is my #1 favorite book of all time. I read it several times a year. :)

  23. It's such a fun book with so many neat stories from when they were filming the movie!

  24. I'm on my first run too. Which book are you on?

  25. I've only read the first one. Jumping into #2 soon! You?

  26. Just started #5 :) I'm loving it! But I take forever to read them. haha