Friday, January 05, 2018

Links to Love | 116

 Sharing my favorite reads from the week.  #linkstolove #fridayfavorites

I'm sitting at my laptop, listening to the wind howl outside and watching the real-feel temperature quickly drop into near negative double digits. The meteorologists are calling this weather event a "bomb cyclone" and from satellite images, it looks like a giant hurricane hovering off the east coast. Niagra is frozen over. The Outer Banks are covered in inches of ice. I read this evening that most of North America is colder than Mars right now. All this to say, wherever you are reading this from, I hope you bundle up and stay warm this weekend. Also, please make sure your pets are indoors. Cheers!

Here are my favorite reads for the week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

From around the web:
  • Stunning photographs of the eyes of cats by Tina Engstrøm Gryntdal | BoredPanda
  • A happy update on some of the Vicktory dogs by Christelle L. Del Prete | Best Friends Animal Society
  • Could your lip balm be killing you? (eek!) by Elizabeth Rich | Verily Magazine
  • Maybe try these healthy cast iron skillet recipes this winter? by Liz Moody | MindBodyGreen
On the blogosphere:
  • Do you remember Paul Kalanithi, the neurosurgeon and author of the book, When Breath Becomes Air? You might want to read this exciting news about his wife by Joanna Goddard | Cup of Jo
  • 5 beautiful experiments for 2018 by Casey Tygrett | Becoming
  • Check out this travel photo checklist from Rebecca | Simple As That blog
  • 7 ways to make this year more mindful by Melani Schweder | No Sidebar
Here on A Simpler Grace:
Favorite Video of the Week:
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What are you loving from this week?

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  1. The chap stick article is definitely making me think a bit about what I'm putting on my lips! Thankfully I'm using Burts Bees on the kiddo! We cook with cast iron a lot, so the skillet recipes look great to me! I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I know! I read that and immediately checked my lip balms to see what was in them. Burt's Bees is a great company!

  3. I read that article about Lucy Kalanithi dating John Duberstein and my heart made a happy dance - what a story!

  4. Woah, most of North America is colder than Mars? That's crazy! It's definitely very very cold where I'm at ! Stay warm, and have a great weekend.


  5. Me too! And for them to come from such similar circumstances...

  6. I know, right? I'm thinking about packing up and MOVING to Mars if this weather keeps up. :)

  7. The travel photo checklist is awesome!

  8. I'm reading about so many bloggers having cold weather - hope you stay warm this weekend.
    The article about chapstick is thought provoking. We call it lip balm or lip ice here and I never go anywhere without one (I'm currently using 2 different ones). I'm going to look up the ingredients - thank you for sharing.
    Those recipes make me want to buy a skillet - those dishes look so good!

  9. Uhm, I didn't know that re: North America/Mars. That's crazytown. Also I can't bear this weather :( I've been sick since NYE and am venturing out as little as possible. Good reminder for pet owners! Our dog is currently snuggling with Bryan under his own heated blanket #spoileddoglife lol :)

    Oooof... I'm so glad to hear the happy update with the Vick dogs, though that story still sparks rage inside of me. I can't help it; how can one person be capable of so much cruelty?? Glad to hear these animals were all rescued and that they could live out their years in loving homes <3

    Hope you are staying warm and having a great weekend, Lecy! XOXO

  10. True story: when I lived in the suburbs, we had a lot of stray animals in the neighborhood and I'd put a heated blanket and several towels out on my patio furniture for those animals to keep warm during the super cold days. No shame in getting your own dog a heated blanket. :)

  11. I love this. So much <3 You have such a beautiful soul, Lecy :)

  12. Most of North America is frigid right now. Hopefully, it warms up a little for the rest of our winter. :)