Monday, February 12, 2018

Simple Gratitude | 111

I'm sharing my #gratefulheart on the blog. What are you grateful for today? #gratitude #feelingthankful

"These mountains you are carrying, you were only meant to climb." - Najwa Zebian

I have a habit of taking on more than I should. Whether it's volunteering for projects that I don't have time for or trying to fix someone else's problems, I am always taking the weight of unnecessary things and putting it on my shoulders. I have to constantly remind myself of this quote. I have to remember to stop carrying the mountains and just climb them. That is enough. It is enough for me and it is enough for you...

This week, I'm grateful for:
  • Rainy, lazy weekends. It was chilly and drizzly all weekend. Perfect weather to curl up with a book and a hot chocolate.
  • Vegetarian nachos for dinner. Mexican food doesn't feel so guilty when you load up on veggies, yeah? 
  • Gorgeous sunsets. After a rain-soaked weekend, the sun broke through the clouds just in time to show off right at dusk. It was the most beautiful sky I've seen in a long time.
  • An at-home facial. Last week was stressful, so I treated myself to a little pampering. 
  • Watching an old favorite show. I sat down and marathoned on a show that used to be an old guilty pleasure of mine - Deadliest Catch. Yep, I have a thing for crab fisherman. I started following these guys over ten years ago and it pulls on my heart-strings to see them aging and to learn that some of them are no longer with us. It's such a nostalgic show for me.

What are you grateful for today? 

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  1. Lazy weekends are the best! An at home facial sounds delightful!!

  2. Lazy weekends are amazing right?! We curled up and watched King Arthur and caught up on some other shows. Ok Deadliest Catch, I need to catch up on that. I just love those guys. Well most of them anyways! Now I have something to binge on while Im stuck in bed! Thanks girl! Have a great week!!!

  3. The boyfriend and I are heading out to LA this week and I'm so excited! California has the BEST sunsets and I hope we get to catch a few breath-taking ones together.

  4. That's such a great quote, and it's something I think a lot of us need to remember. I used to take on a lot - especially trying to help with other people's problems - so it's something I need to learn.

    Sounds like you had a nice weekend! Yay for catching up on old favorite shows.


  5. Gorgeous sunsets always get me too... Today I'm grateful that I'm off my hiatus from writing and am back to blogging. It was a much-needed break, but I'm happy to be putting words on a page again :)

  6. Vegetarian nachos. Ok, do share the recipe!

  7. I am grateful for being able to spend a few days this week down the Great Ocean Road on the coast in Victoria, Australia. Some breathtaking scenery, beautiful sunsets, gorgeous beaches and some time to just 'be'. :)

  8. Yay for the random tv shows! I'm glad I'm not the only one who enjoys them. :)

  9. It's easy to try to solve everyone else's problems all the time. I had to retrain myself to step back and let people deal on their own.

  10. It's basically tortilla chips, black beans, roasted chickpeas, cheese and lots of yummy taco spices, but you can add any veggies to them. I bake them in the oven until the cheese is all bubbly. :)

  11. I've seen photos of that place and it looks gorgeous! Hope you enjoyed your weekend!