Thursday, March 01, 2018

Hello March | Goals

I'm starting the month with some good intentions and a few goals. What is a goal you've set for this month? #goals #goalsetting

February was a wonderful month, but it wasn't a super productive one. At least the first part of the month wasn't. I kicked it into high gear in the last two weeks, but the beginning of the month was full of sickness and distractions, albeit happy ones. All that to say, not many goals were completed fully, but it's about progress over perfection, yeah?

My goals for February. Let's see how I did...
  • Workout five days a week, increase my step goals and lose ten pounds I worked out several times a week and increased my steps on some days, but that's the extent of my fitness progress for the month.
  • Eat clean and gluten-free and do a detox fast one day a week I was about 80/20 on eating clean and gluten-free and I felt it. I did do a detox fast once a week and that helped me recover from the gluten overload when I splurged. I'm a glutton for punishment, but I really need to kick gluten to the curb once and for all.
  • Try to reset my circadian rhythm This is turning out to be more difficult than I thought. I had intended to make sure I was in bed by a certain time each night and wake up at a certain time. I also wanted to take my medications on a more regular schedule because that affects my sleeping habits as well, but I've had some complications with that. This will continue to be something I strive for.
  • Stick to my blog and freelance editorial calendars Yes, with February being a short month, I wrote thirteen posts here on the blog. I have a lot of drafts for the other platforms I want to contribute to, but none of those have been finalized yet.
  • Read twenty books Close. I read sixteen books last month.
  • Complete the She Reads Truth section for February Done and done!
  • Start writing content for my second platform As I mentioned above, I have several articles drafted out, but nothing posted here yet. 
  • Draft four freelance articles and pitch three Nope. Didn't touch these in February.
  • Complete one open course I am halfway through a Western Literature course. I'll probably finish the class this month.
  • Paint every day for the month of February No way. I painted four scenic 4x7's but haven't picked up my brushes since then. As this post is going live, I have scheduled a painting day, and one day a week in March, so I'm excited about that.
  • Spend another month focusing on self-care Always a work in progress, but I did make time for this in February.
  • Unplug and have a technology fast one day a week Yes! Other than texting family and the man, I put technology aside and stayed off all social media on these fast days. It's so nice to not have to worry about what everyone else is doing.
  • Get that Etsy shop open No way. Hopefully in March?
And my goals for March...
  • Do thirty days of yoga, increase my Fitbit steps and lose five pounds
  • Eat clean and gluten-free and do a detox fast one day a week
  • Work on resetting my circadian rhythm
  • Stick to my blog and freelance editorial calendars
  • Read twenty-five books
  • Complete the She Reads Truth section for March
  • Write and post four articles on my second platform
  • Draft four freelance articles and pitch three
  • Complete one open course
  • Create ten (or more) pieces of art for the shop
  • Spend another month focusing on self-care and working on anxiety coping methods
  • Unplug and have a technology fast one day a week
  • Get the Etsy shop open
What goals did you set for yourself this month? 

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  1. My February goals did not go so well! I will have to reset this month a bit. I think it's good that one of the things you did do was make time for your self care, that is so important!

  2. shootingstarsmagMarch 1, 2018 at 7:23 PM

    Woah, good luck on reading 25 books this month!! My main goals for March are more healthy related. I want to get back to eating mostly well; it's a bit hit or miss right now. I also want to be more active. Pounds wise, I'd love to lose at least 5. That would be a really good loss for me since again, it's been really hit or miss lately. Sigh.

    Good luck with your painting and Etsy shop! I can't wait to see what you're going to sell.


  3. Penny @ pennyspassion.blogspotMarch 2, 2018 at 6:38 AM

    Good luck with your March goals! February seemed to go by so fast! Hard to squeeze in all those goals with the shorter month.

  4. Wow, you're doing well! Good goals, good progress. Keep it up!

  5. Great job with your goals! Sixteen books is still a lot :)

  6. Progress > perfection. Always <3

    I think you did an amazing job on your goals this past month, Lecy! I love the technology free day goal. I'd love to do something like this myself. I have been having a hard time setting the phone/computer aside lately; but dedicating a day to go tech free sounds pretty amazing.

    Hope you're having a great weekend, and best of luck with March goals :)

  7. What stands out for me big time is progress over perfection. Yesssss sister! Preach. :)

  8. Sorry to hear February wasn't a great month. It's always a strange month for me - either really good or really bad. I think March is going to be a good one though!

  9. Some days, I feel like I need to tattoo this on my forehead. lol

  10. It was really difficult putting my phone down for an entire day, but I get so much done when I'm not mindlessly surfing Facebook or Instagram!