Thursday, January 31, 2019

Monthly Reflections | January

Wrapping up the month and sharing what I've been up to in life and on the blog. What is your favorite moment of January? #currently

January felt like a blur. Usually, I am pumped for the new year and have plans to rock the month, then break down by the end of it, having worn myself out with unnecessary tasks. Life has looked a little different this time. Much slower. I've been working on being patient, and still, and finding my breath, listening to my heart. Although I didn't get much writing done, my heart has been at peace, and that's exactly where I want to be.

Lately, I've been...

Listening: to the Recharge playlist over on Spotify and all the podcasts from Hank or John Green.
Making:  plans for February. Did anyone else totally scrap January?
Welcoming: a light heart.
Cooking:  cookies, blueberry muffins, slow cooker chicken ziti. Lots of time in the kitchen this month!
Drinking:  water. Pretty boring, eh?
Reading:  all the books. Catch up with my reading recaps next Tuesday or follow along on Goodreads.
Anticipating: some really cold weather in February.
Going: to make the best of my time.
Touching: lotion bottles. The air is so dry and so is my skin. Here's my favorite.
Wanting:  to find my writing motivation again. It's been too long since I've written anything of substance.
Looking:  forward to a family birthday party coming up at our favorite local Mexican food joint.
Playing:  with my cat. He's getting old and I don't think I'll have much more time with him. Soaking it up.
Wasting:  time pondering all the wonders of the world rather than focusing on writing. Yay, procrastination.
Wishing:  the polar vortex would move on. I'm so worried about all the animals who are exposed to the cold.
Creating: a logo and branding for my brother's new business.
Enjoying:  early bedtimes.
Waiting:  to find out what my summer plans will be.
Liking:  not being on Instagram. I'm thinking about opening a private account and keeping it small.
Eating:  root veggies. Steamed, roasted, raw. I like them any way.
Wondering:  what February has in store.
Preparing: for another used bookstore trip. Stacks to trade, and lists to get.
Loving:  easy love.
Tasting: sauces. I'm practicing some classic French sauces from my James Beard cookbook.
Hoping:  for some travel later in the year.
Missing:  the fam. We haven't been together for a month because of illness and bad weather.
Celebrating: little milestones.
Writing:  this post. Maybe it sparks some inspiration.
Needing:  direction and motivation.
Photographing: snowy sunsets.
Smelling:  bergamot and sandalwood essential oils.
Wearing:  layers. So. Cold. Here.
Following:  the news on Twitter.
Noticing:  some changes I could make in my life.
Watching:  movies with kick-ass female leads: Hunger Games, Divergent, X-Men.
Knowing:  I was right. (insert smug side-eye here) Okay, I'm done gloating.
Craving:  macaroni and cheese. Anyone else binge on comfort food when it's cold?
Working:  on transcription jobs. I've had some interesting topics lately.
Thinking:  about the future.
Bookmarking:  vegan recipes.
Opening:  a trash bag. Feeling Kondo and letting go of stuff.
Feeling:  brave.

What have you been up to in January?

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  1. I had an okay January, but I still feel like February is going to be the REAL start of the year, where I focus more on my goals and whatnot. I also have a lot more going on next month so it's probably going to go quick. I'm so with you on the cold! I hope that all the animals are okay!!! I hope you get some inspiration for writing soon. I need to get back into mine.


  2. I will have to checkout Recharge on Spotify! I hope you have a great February!

  3. I definitely used January to embrace my inner Marie-Kondo and let things go. I live in a small apartment so there isn't room for much extra clutter. I am with you and the whole planning for February thing. This year I sort of used January to start thinking about my goals and what I want to do this year, and I'm using February to really get going.

  4. Oh man I hear you. January has been so long and tough. And that Polar Vortex does need to move on. I'm tired of being cold! I am hoping for good things in February for both of us!

  5. I always feel like January is a freebie month and the new year really starts in February! This month was a mix of a relaxing vacation, and crazy winter weather for me, so not much got done. Definitely looking forward to what February has in store.

  6. Tobia | craftaliciousmeFebruary 1, 2019 at 12:45 PM

    Seems like January is a bit weird for many people... I've had a hard time getting into it myself, feeling unwell, procrastinating, cozying up... Guess that's what it needs to be. Here is to February and more motivation and checks on our to-do lists.

  7. This list is so extensive I love it! And I feel you on the lotion... except mine is sanitizer first. We have an outbreak of Infuenza A which is mimicing a "cough" so parents are sending their kids to schools and exposing everyone. In one week we had 200 kids gone from school (district wide). So I have taken to bringing bottles of sanitizer and Clorox wipes with me everywhere lol.
    And I always get jealous over your reading and recaps. I am still studying but when I am done... man I have some books to read!

  8. January was a really weird month. I am usually so motivated, but I really felt the need to slow way down and enjoy just being. It was a nice change!

  9. I think the polar vortex put us all into a deep freeze. Even life sort of got stuck! Hope you're enjoying your February!

  10. Oh no! There is nothing worse than flu season in the schools. I would bathe in sanitizer if I had your job. Bless you...

  11. It feels so good to let some things go and declutter, doesn't it? I'm glad to know that I wasn't the only one who took January a little slower this year. I enjoyed easing into 2019. :)

  12. A freebie month... I've never looked at it that way! Hope you're having a great February, Kait!

  13. Sounds like we all needed a nice, slow January. I hope you are feeling better and having a wonderful February, Tobia! <3