Friday, February 28, 2020

Monthly Reflections | February

Wrapping up the month and sharing what I've been up to in life and on the blog. What is your favorite moment of February? #currently

It's nearly 65°F as I type this post. In February. The month that is supposed to be the coldest and snowiest in this region. This snow lover is feeling utterly neglected by Mother Nature, but I won't let the bitterness ruin my week. I have much to look forward to including a new project, restarting an old one, and lots of new recipes I want to try in the next month. Off we go!

Lately, I've been...

Listening: everything Billie Eilish.
Making:  menu plans for the next few weeks.
Welcoming: signs of spring, since winter could never get its act together.
Cooking:  lots of soup, roasted veggies, and buffalo chicken stuffed shells.
Drinking:  hot tea, hot chocolate, and lots of water.
Fixing: the ice maker in the refrigerator. Or at least trying to. Luckily, I have an ice shaver that works just fine.
Reading:  about elephants, dystopian worlds, and climate change. My review post will be up on Tuesday.
Touching: textures and preparing for Ali Edwards' new Art of Noticing practice.
Wanting:  to get back into a yoga routine. Illness has kept me off the mat for too long, Maybe in March?
Looking:  for new documentaries to watch. Drop your suggestions below!
Playing:  Sudoku, Mahjong, Freecell, and logic puzzles. Daily brain training has been my routine for years.
Wasting:  no food scraps, with a dog in the house. She finds every little crumb.
Hearing: birds chirping. Soon, we'll have babies.
Wishing:  for healing for so many who are suffering.
Creating: ideas for an art journal. Is this something you enjoy doing?
Enjoying:  good news! A dear friend got engaged, a few friends are publishing books, and another is expecting a baby.
Waiting:  with no expectations. I've finally gotten to a place where patience is a little easier.
Liking:  having a good stretch.
Eating:  iron-rich foods. Anemia sucks.
Wondering:  if we'll have any winter weather before spring officially begins.
Borrowing: lots of books. I would be lost without public libraries.
Preparing: for some big changes to come this year.
Loving:  the feeling of standing my ground and not apologizing for being true to myself.
Tasting: my strawberry smoothie. I cannot wait for berry season.
Hoping:  that March is a month for feeling better.
Missing:  my sister. Her crazy work schedule has kept her busy and I miss her and the kids.
Celebrating: birthdays for the niece and nephew and a special family announcement.
Writing:  a lot in the last two weeks, after barely anything since the beginning of the year.
Needing:  a mani/pedi.
Photographing: puppy smiles. 
Smelling:  lavender and tobacco bark, two of my new candles from Woodwick.
Recommending: that everyone researches things before they share them on social media. Especially political stuff.
Wearing:  the same I always do - comfy clothes.
Following:  the stories of several terminally-ill people and thinking about faith in divine healing.
Noticing:  Venus in the western sky at night.
Watching:  The West Wing... again, before Netflix gives it the boot. Totally buying the series DVDs.
Knowing:  that I am making the right choices. Trusting my gut, which has never let me down.
Craving:  a crudités platter.
Working:  on pushing through discomfort. It only wins if I give in.
Thinking:  about planetary and lunar alignment and how it affects the earth, thanks to this guy.
Bookmarking:  recipes for vegan/gluten-free/dairy-free falafel. 
Opening:  new book mail.
Feeling:  motivated, settled, ready to take on a new month.

What have you been up to in February?

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  1. What a fun month! We haven't had a ton of snow either and it's sort of freaking my brain out. I don't like driving in the snow, but I love looking at it! February was good for me, it was my second month back to school and it went really well, and I've been working on writing my novel!

  2. I love this list, Lecy. But of all the things you have listed here, this especially:

    “Recommending: that everyone researches things before they share them on social media. Especially political stuff.” A. Men!! I’m trying to stay off of Facebook in particular lately bc it just drives me nuts and it’s a rabbit hole of misinformation and loud opinions.

    Awww sounds like your family has some really exciting things ahead to celebrate. And here’s to some winter weather. It’s so friggin cold here but we’ve barely had any snow at all—just a bunch of rain! It doesn’t feel like much of a winter without at least some snow 😢

    Here’s to a great weekend ahead, Lecy. Always love to see what’s shaking in your neck o’ the woods. Xoxo

  3. There's so much misinformation out there with the election coming up and the coronavirus among others, and unfortunately, the more shares it gets on Facebook or Twitter, the more "true" it becomes.

  4. Oh Taylor, I'm so glad to hear school is going well for you. I'm excited to hear more about the novel. <3

  5. I love playing games that make me use my brain. And puzzles. I like app kind because I don't lose the pieces LOL . Im not usually a documentary kind of person but I did watch the Trials of Gabriel Fernandez. I didn't think I would make it though the first two episodes because its so sad. I need happy documentaries! Hell yes for not apologizing! Good for you!! I keep saying I want to start yoga but I don't know where to start. I hope your weekend is nothing short of amazing!

  6. Digital puzzles and games are great for that exact reason - no missing pieces! I will always recommend Yoga with Adriene on Youtube. She has playlists that will teach you the basics as well as routines that are for specific things, like neck or lower back pain, etc. You do not have to know a thing about yoga to start with her videos. She talks you through each pose and explains why each of them are beneficial. What I love most about her though, is that she is just as concerned about mental/emotional wellness as she is physical. Some of her routines are ones that I go back to when I specifically need an emotional release. I cry through them because you are working all of the tension and pain out. She is WONDERFUL.

  7. Beth Gilles KondrickFebruary 28, 2020 at 2:23 PM

    How wonderful for all the good news from your friends! I keep thinking I need to get back to some yoga too. Nate and I took a class together a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. The West Wing is such an amazing show. I should really give that another spin before it's gone from Netflix too. I hope you have a wonderful weekend my sweet friend!

  8. Yoga has been so beneficial to me and I notice that I don't feel as well when I'm not sticking with my routines. :)

  9. Sounds like February has been fairly good but I'm with you on wishing & waiting for spring!

  10. I've been making a lot of soups, too. And as I look at my hands, i realized I really need a mani, too!

  11. New book mail is the BEST. What did you get??

  12. A cookbook, a kid's activity book for my niece and nephew, and a new novel - all from the publishers. :)

  13. I’m late to the Billie Eilish party but have recently started listening. This month is all about planning for big things to come.

  14. I like Billie, too. You're the second blogger today who uses the word "spoonie" -- which I didn't recognize -- so I looked it up. Thanks for the education.

  15. shootingstarsmagMarch 1, 2020 at 3:12 PM

    Ah, I love book mail. It's fantastic. Also - yay for public libraries. It sounds like your friends are celebrating all sorts of good news lately - that's fantastic. I hope you have a wonderful March and get to see your sister and the kiddoes more often. I do love Billie Eilish - I need to get her album.


  16. So happy that you feel motivated to face a new month. 2020 as been a very demotivational year for me so far... I hope I'll get more motivated soon.

  17. There are lots of us who consider ourselves spoonies. It's quite a community. :)

  18. Yes, it was a good month for books, all around. :)

  19. I hope the year turns around for you! <3

  20. I need to get that book you had and reviewed about Thula Thula. You’re the only person I’ve ever “known” that’s talked about the game reserve. I’d love to go someday but first and foremost, I’d love to hit Kenya and Tanzania.

    I’m absolutely in love with Everything I wanted, like playing it on repeat!! Love that girl!

    That’s awesome you get to have your sisters dog to dote over while she renovated. You and the pup both must be loving that. :)


  21. I would love to do a tour of many places in Africa. Lions and elephants are two of my spirit animals, so I am really drawn to that continent. If you want to see something REALLY cool, check out @LosWhit on Instagram and watch his Safari story that’s saved. It makes me cry, it’s on a whole new level of amazingness.

  22. Oh man, I might need to get in another watch of West Wing too! And yay for book mail - the best kind. Happy March - hope it is a healthy one!

  23. I love Billie Ellish! Whenever I buy Woodwick candles, my kiddos always steal them because they smell so good!

  24. Yes, I love book mail! Happy March, friend!

  25. Yeah, where has all that snow been? Maybe next year...

  26. I was lucky to encounter a heavy snow in Switzerland this year

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  27. Oh. Em. Gee. His IG is stunning. I had chills watching his safari vids.... hard to put into words what he sees and shares with us....

    Hope you’re doing well and staying as healthy as you can during these crazy, crazy times.


  28. That one story where the elephants walked right up the road next to them... My heart pounded the whole time. That is my DREAM!